Weekly Update 20th August 2020

Weekly Update

August 20th 2020

  1. 8KX Shipments continue to improve

We are continuing our shipments of the 8KX and the ramp up both in production and our logistics and shipping capability as well.

  1. Address Confirmation for 8KX Pre-orders / Upgrades

If you haven’t receive any email from our support team about the confirmation, you can follow this simple method by logging your account via store.pimaxvr.com and edit the shipping address.

It will allow us to update the address from our backend.

Link - https://community.openmr.ai/t/shipping-address-confirmation-for-8kx-customers/30058

  1. The NEW Pimax Experience APP entering beta

The Pimax Experience will enter limited public beta testing in the coming days! This software also comes with a new version of Pitool with added functionality.

For those who do not know the Pimax Experience software optimizes your visual experience with applications and adds a user-friendly interface that makes your Pimax headset far easier to interact with.

This experience runs from *inside your VR environment and allows for easy setting changes without exiting back to the Windows desktop to launch the next software title.

Many new features are also in various stages of development and we should be able to maintain a rapid release schedule with updates.

  1. Hand Tracking Module

We received the sample units from our supplier and went into inspections, testing has gone quite well with no further changes anticipated. We expect to begin deliveries in September.

  1. Eye Tracking Module

The next shipments of the modules continue to arrive in greater numbers. If you have not received your eye tracking module yet please be patient as the next couple of shipments should satisfy existing orders. In the photo below we are preparing and checking eye tracking batches.


In addition, we are very interested in feedback on the hardware and software for the eye tracking module. We are always evaluating new improvements and enhancements as we move forward.

  1. Pitool Version 263

The latest version of Pitool is version 263 and this version does support the eye tracking module. In order to update your pitool to the latest version please visit this page


KDMAS and the Stretch Goal Box or “Backer Box”- We expect the KDMAS to begin shipments to backers on September 9th and this will include the new KDMAS and all other physical items that are part of the backer stretch goals.
The first manufactured DMAS we use for testing arrive August 27th. If they pass testing we will begin production and this means first production around the 7th of September and initial packaged shipments beginning on September 15th.

  1. Base Station Shipment Advisory

For those who ordered base stations these will be delivered inside the upcoming the stretch goal box or “Backer Box”. This box contains all the physical items that are part of the Kickstarter stretch goal package.

In the event you opted out of your stretch goal box we will ship your base stations separately. We have also made additional considerable enhancements to the base station packing.
In this photo you can check out the latest version of the base station 2.0 packaging. image

Your Pimax Team.