Weekly Update 14th October 2020

Weekly Update

October 14th, 2020

Backer Box Shipping Advisory

We have recently published an update about the Stretch Goal box (Backer Box) shipments. If you haven’t seen it (It is an important update) please follow this link.

8KX Shipment Advisory

We are continuing to quickly process 8KX orders that were considered exceptions. In fact, even when including orders that came in *after August 1st 2020 we are down to only 296 outstanding 8KX shipments.

If you are an original 8KX Backer that hasn’t confirmed your shipping address OR haven’t returned your loaner unit, please contact our helpdesk as soon as possible so can quickly process your shipment. If you have not returned your loaner (an did not select the option to purchase your loaner) your loaner must be returned before we can process your 8KX.

Pimax VR Experience Beta Version

The latest beta version is out now! This new version of the Pimax Experience has many improvements and it has become quite popular. The community has recommended countless improvements many of which are included in this new release! If you haven’t updated from version .5 or haven’t tried the Pimax Experience we highly suggest you install the latest version!

You can visit this page for more information – the page includes download links, release notes and many reactions to the new version!


Eye Tracking Module

We have received hundreds of additional Eye Tracking Modules this past Monday and we are currently going through the packaging process. Once this shipment has completed processing we expect we will be able to fulfill all users who have existing pre-orders.

We are now putting together a plan for a more rapid Eye Tracking module restocking schedule and of course important updates to the software and firmware.

Hand Tracking Module

We have completed the packaging and testing of the hand tracking modules (these are located at our Shanghai warehouse) and beginning a new round of shipping. Further we have been able to increase the quantity we are making available for each round of shipping.

If you have a hand tracking pre-order you are required to confirm your shipping address before we can ship this module to you. Please follow this guide to confirm your shipping address.

Important Note: Kickstarter Backers who ordered a Hand Tracking module are also required to confirm their shipping address. Please follow this guide to confirm or update your shipment address.

If you have verified the shipping address previously, you may ignore these 2 statements.

If you are experiencing any problems or have questions, please contact our Pimax Support Team.