Wearing Pimax hmd with glasses without scratching it?

I am soon receiving my hmd but won’t be receiving my lens mount adapter for a few days/(weeks?). Is there a safe way I could try it with my glasses without risking scratching it? My glasses scratched my previous hmd(Rift S) and I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

No, I scratched my prescriptipon glasses. As they were from hardplastic and not glas.
Now I wear contact lenses under the HMD.

Take on the headset and grab your glases to see if there is room, if not add velcro at top under facemask so headset move away.


Maybe if you have very deep eye sockets, a very wide face and something like tiny wire rim spectacles but otherwise you would likely need to augment the foam thickness either by double side velcro or by 3d printing a spacer.

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If you have the headset with the comfort kit, like the 8K plus or 8K X, they come with a gap specifically made for glasses. I’ve seen the roadshow videos where people try on the Pimax headsets prior to the pandemic and they loved it and said it was the most comfortable headset for glasses. So I think you won’t have any issues. Here’s a kid with glasses commenting on it:

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I guess it all depends on head size, face shape, glasses size, and foam thickness because I have thin-framed glasses and never had any worries with scratched lenses on WMR or 5k+ headsets.

That said, while I used the standard foam on the Lenovo with no trouble, I had to double the thickness / distance for the 5k+ just for it to be usable, which of course also gives more room for glasses.

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