We need more information from the Pimax team

Information from the Pimax team
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The kicktarter campaign ended several days ago.

And the sponsors have perceived that the pace of information has been greatly reduced by the Pimax team.

we know that the campaign has been very intense etc …

but once we have finished we need to be more informed of the progress.

Videos, reviews, new knuckle controls, Pimax team work route etc … to keep us excited and informed all this waiting time.



It hasn’t even been a week, what do you want an update every time they take a shit?


I think they should be left to get on with developing the product and perhaps just update us when there are significant advancements or progress. They are only a small team and taking time out to keep churning out vids, reviews etc… could end up delaying it.


Things do not change much overnight even overweek especially when you are in debugging or refining phase. I would give them some time to catch a breath.


I think like you , i think it is a good option to keep users informed of the progress

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We don’t need an update every day but every week or two giving an update on what they are working on and how far long even if it’s just incremental progress would put minds at ease.


The problem that I find is that they should have someone who is only in charge of giving information and serving as a bridge between those who are focused on the development of the product and the community. Obviously every new update that they let see will generate a lot of questions in the community, the more information they publish, the more problems they will have if they do not answer the questions.


i would rather let them knuckle down and solve the issues and report in every month/ when there is something big to show than weekly. just my preference.


A regulary updated Roadmap would be nice.
You can show the Progress but don’t have to answer a million of questions everytime.
And every few weeks they can do Q&A Report on how things are going.

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Pimax has done more to convey information than anyone else I have ever backed on Kickstarter. Let’s just let them concentrate on doing the core of what they need to do to deliver a great product…Instead of wasting time making videos to cater to the impatient. Yes updates are necessary, but not at a pace detrimental to progress.


Agreed. Now that all the roadshows are complete; it will be easier for them to focus on the headset & controllers. The roadshow was great to promote what they have been working on; but with needing to troubleshoot setup issues was splitting focus.

If we let them have time to breath & focus the results will speak for itself when they do report on progress.

Folks need to keep in mind the engineers would need to stop working on the project to generate reports & explain things to person(s) to then generate an organised update that is easy to understand & follow.


i think giving out informaiton once per month it would not hurt them and will keep the hype around them:)

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I am really wondering how impatient people are. It’s wednesday. That means 3 week days since the kickstarter ended.
Answering questions, making videos/fotos etc takes a lot of time. Even more if it’s not your native language.

I really don’t care for more information if it delays the product or worsens the quality.

Let them work, damnit!


P.S: More emotions:
I hate it that a lot of people think their desires are most important and put @-messages to the whole pimax team in every fucking forum post.

P.S.S: Except @Heliosurge of course. It seems to be his job :slight_smile:

Whuzaa. Now I feel better. :smiley:


I’m glad you’ve relieved yourself


Where did you see that developers are in charge of the communication at Pimax?

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For the PR/communication people to be able to actually tells us anything they need to take some of the developers time.

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I don’t think it will delay,because pimax is a dark horse!what’s mean a dark horse? So we should give them full credit,or why do we join in kickstarter.

This makes little to no sense.


Rather than waste time on the update schedule, it’s not as good as several energies on the product, at least I think so, and it’s also a fact