We’ll see you at CES2020!

Dear Community,

We will be attending CES2020 in Las Vegas from 7-10 January 2020 and would love to invite you to come and visit us.

If you will be around during the show days and are interested, please go here to apply for a CES FREE registration code. Before click on ‘APPLY NOW’, please read the message on the webpage to be well informed.

Have a good day and night.


Pimax team


Oh man I can’t wait… this will be my first time ever coming to CES and I’m really looking forward to meeting and working with the Pimax team in person! []-)


Watch out for the infamous CES flu. :7


are you gonna work for Pimax?

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All I can say as of right now is that Pimax is bringing me out to CES and I will be working with the team in their booth… If it turns into something else that would be amazing and I would very much love the opportunity to work for them!


Just don’t give any dates or deadlines.


vrgamerdude, tell Pimax to hire you. It’ll solve one problem: honesty lol.

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Hey thanks for the vote of confidence… Fingers crossed! [;]-)

Great i hope it will work out for you, nice opportunity to see if there is personal chemistry.
I would like to work for a pioneering company like pimax also, but i just got hefty surgury with will take at least a year to return to labor. In the meantime VR is a blessing for me to enjoy


Thanks Jeroen and yes… one of the things that I really love about them is that they are still an upstart company who are finding their way in the industry… I think with the right people at this stage it will be a key to their long term success. Also sorry to hear about the surgery… I went through 3 major spine surgeries a while back and was out for almost an entire year as well recovering, so hang in there! I only wish that we would have had VR back then in the way we do now because I agree that this would have been instrumental in my recovery and pain management… so many positive uses for virtual reality these days! []-)


Wow amazing, thanks, i say this to the right person, i’m not so open about it. You are right it is very usefull for health care purposes, i experience that very directly. In the Netherlands there are experiments with health care in hospitals for children with very good results, and indeed also for pain reduction. Also it’s very good for stimulus of the mind, much better then staring to the ceiling or the television :slight_smile:


Will be there!

Maybe we should have a CES after party for Pimax futurists?

@Matthew.Xu Already attending CES, so I do not need a badge. Do I need to do anything to register anything in advance for anything Pimax related?


I have no hope :rofl:


That’s an awesome idea! []-)

@vrgamerdude are you going to do live streaming at CES?


Well @TrevorVR TBH I’m not entirely sure what my role will be there yet but I am hoping that live streams and videos would be part of it since that’s kinda my thing… Either way I am just glad to be getting the opportunity to go out there and help them show off the new headsets… I’m hoping to get more information this week so stay tuned! []-)


This is good news. Make sure you drag in plenty of youtubers to try the 8K-X. It would be interesting to hear what Linus thinks after trying the 5k last year at CES. He loves his Index so will be interesting if considers it a daily driver


Yeah I am really hoping to see some of them out there this year and will certainly try to get them in the booth for a demo if possible! I think that this showing at CES and some positive news coming from it could be a major turning point for Pimax and once more press outlets and the bigger Youtubers start to get a look at the new 8KX the hype train will start rolling down the tracks at full speed towards the official launch!


I love hearing this, i’m going to show it to this colleague of mine who still thinks VR is a fad.