We created this category for answering questions from backers better

Dear Backers,

We plan to create two category to solve issues and answer questions more efficiently(diversion of work):

    1. Have issue after received headset category for ** Sean.Huang; Doman.Chen; Alan.sun *(Tedch support team) to answer and resolve backers’ issue ASAP,every topic in this category will be noticed and answered soon(They will visit these topics every day).
    1. Didn’t receive the headset but have some questions category for backers who purchase the headset already and waiting for their headset, ** @Matthew.Xu ** will check and give them their answer every day.

For building these two category,8K Series and 4K category will focus on discussing headset ,pitool improvement and other topics they are interested in.And we will also hold activities for attracting new enthusiasts and stimulate backers to join topics.

Thanks for your support and time for our forum.

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@matthew.xu is back? The last reply from him is on 24 jan…

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Yes,he will handle questions from backers who didn’t receive the headset with other colleagues.(These category and topics is just the beginning,we can solve problems better after division of work)


Hopefully Matthew was on holidays instead of some emergencies issues. But it is not nice when you guys just leave us hanging for the whole week waiting for a response here -

We shouldn’t only know about this until now, told us to wait patiently until Matthew is back is the least you should do… It is exhausting enough to check on this forum multiple times a day and the lack of communications really leave a bad image impression for us backers.

Dear Pimax Support! Please look at the SUPEN-1690 (31.01.19) Thx.

Hello Pimax team, I know you guys are working hard. I made my order on the 24th of September 2019. I know its had only been a week, but I can’t wait. Can you guys give me an estimate time on when I will receive my order or see any updates, currently there has been no changes or update. My order #P125667, thank you.

I don’t know exactly where to go with my question. But I am backer 3547 of the Pimax 8K and I have been waiting a long time for that eye tracking. It is already Nov. 2019, how long do I have to wait before Pimax keeps its promise ?
I like the 8K, but I really need the promised eyetracking.


Unfortunately, it’s not ready yet. Worse still, it turned out to be a lot more expensive than anticipated and is now a 2-eye (not 1-eye) solution, so Pimax changed the free bonus to be a discount coupon for the improved eye tracker.

There have been more than a few complaints about the change. That’s the bad news; the good news is that it’s apparently a good device (at least the prototypes are). I figured that it would be a crappy freebie, so personally, I’m not too disappointed and it’s unlikely I’ll pay for the upgraded version.

Please search the forum for details. Here’s one recent thread: Eyetracking is supposed to be FREE for backers!

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Here is a little more info: The VR Days device was a late stage prototype and this was the first time we had shown this version anywhere and yes it was two eye tracking rather than just one.

In addition to the calibration and the mole game this time we also added the DFR demonstration.


Will DFR work on most games?

Nice to see you on the forums today . Have you got an update for us about the Index controllers and lighthouses ?


Question: Does switching to Index controllers come with Half Life Alyx? C’mon Pimax, you need to answer this.


Hey @Matthew.Xu i asked a month ago for my 100$ Pimax 8K to 5K+ downgrade Coupon. I followed the guide and sent my Kickstarter number. But got no response. Ticket #19,710
I want to buy an Vision Comfort Kit and the Hand Tracking Module, so i can make a review for my YouTube Channel.

Hi Tobi, sorry for my late reply. I asked the team to start processing your ticket right away and help you apply for a coupon. Thank you.


Maybe you’ve already seen it, but: yes, Alyx is included.

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i have a little question, i payed another 450$ to keep my 8K loaner and stretch goals, what i have to do to know if is all ok ?
if i write my order number pimax can tell me some information?
PS: Sorry for my english!


Your English is fine. You should contact Support, by filing a “ticket”.



thank you!
i opened a ticket



Yes, you are right. Next time they will put a notice on the forum and arrange someone to handle it while they are away from their position. Thanks.