Watching SBS 4K movie on PIMAX 8K

Hi, i want to buy the 8K just to watch 4K/UHD SBS videos. I currently use the Pimax 4K and AutoPlayVR which works well.

My question is, is there going to be a suitable video player for the 8K because the video is split in 2x separate LED displays, unlike 4K where it is 1x display.

My .mp4 files will need to split in Left/Right on seprate screen on the 8K to work.

This will determine if I will buy the 8K, as I dont use for games.


Most HMD’s actually use seperate panels, so that’s not an issue at all. I don’t see any reason why SBS movies wouldn’t work well with the 8k.


I think you want a native 4K resolution, and you should buy the 8K X.

Well remember that without content with such high resolution the 8K X doesn’t make sense. Since the 8k/8kx are 200 degrees you can see the whole 180 degrees of the SBS movie horizontally but I guess you can only see about half vertically.

The normal 8k has 2x 1440p native, so that’s 2*2560 = 5120 horizontally and 1440p vertically. So to optimally enjoy the normal 8k you’d need 5k SBS movies.

The 8K-X accepts 2x4k natively, so that’s 8192 horizontally, so you would need 8k SBS movies to optimally enjoy the 8kX.

Or in other words, the 8k-X only makes sense for SBS movies if movies appear > 5k.

im using 4K video but pimax for no screen effect and also its FOV. strictly speaking the .mp4 would need to be 8K video SBS to get full result.

good question about what video players and what will support the pimax for SBS 8K 5K 4K video.

Thank you for your kind explanation.
When I watch 2K YouTube videos on my 2K dual display hmd, I don’t need to select the sbs option because the video is output to both displays at 2560x1440 resolution at the same time.
So I expect it to be the same on Pimax 8K & 8KX.

Maximum monitor resolution we can expect
Pimax 8K: 2560x1440
Pimax 8K X: 3840x2160
That’s all.
Now, it depends on your choice.

hi, is it possible to run in Pimax mode and will there be videoplayer that will support 8K 2x Display like AutoplayVR?

I dont want to use pimax 8k in video/desktop mode…as usability is often gay.

Also i want to only use a GTX970 + i3 6100 processor because i am not a rich man, and want to just buy the 8K or 8K X to watch SBS video on.

SBS video is the main deal for me, i dont play games…

Please note: video is 180deg or 360deg SBS with tracking… i do not mean 2D video like hollywood movie.

Movie i watch was film 4K 180/360 with sphere lens SBS

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By the time Pimax 8K is released to Pimax Kickstarter backers your GTX 970 GPU will be 4 years old technology. Realistically in the PC hardware market this is an old card now and not worth keeping for VR in my opinion.

To enjoy an adequate experience I would now save up for a used GTX 1080. The prices will fall too once the ‘Next Generation’ GTX 1180 cards emerge probably in the next 6 months.

ever since i went VR, i never looked back

[quote=“tridang75, post:7, topic:6137, full:true”]
hi, is it possible to run in Pimax mode and will there be videoplayer that will support 8K 2x Display like AutoplayVR?[/quote]I’m watching 3D movies in Pimax mode on my 4K using the following software:

  • Latest version of LAVFilters (free).
  • Latest version of madVR (free).
  • Latest version of VorpX (purchased, $29, and can be used to run many games in VR too). This can be replaced with an application from steam, Virtual Desktop is the best quality ($14.00€).
  • Media Player Classic Home Cinema (free).

This allows to watch 3D Blu-Ray too but you’ll need additional software I can’t talk about here… :wink:

throw svp on top :slight_smile: if you‘re already using madvr and stuff. however i don‘t think that it‘s optimal because my 21:9 messes with all those „solutions“ unless rolling back to 16:9 on windows. if you‘re concerned about quality check out NVR Player the usability is very bad though. you can refund it <30 min of usage, so it‘s worth to give it a shot. If you guys have experiences with any kind of video player, pls add them to my thread since I have not found any comprehensive thread/conversation in that topic. Unfortunaly even some respected Youtuber did not cover that topic altough it is a valid and intetresting one. Seems like they don’t concurr…

VorpX captures the CONTENT of the MediaPlayer window, so it projects the video directly into the headset. Monitor size doesn’t affect the result.

wait…how did u create ur own hmd? I want it tooooo


About VR video and HDM resolution, I think most people calculation is not correct.

For exemple a 360° 4K VR video has 4K definition for the whole 360 image, and not just for the part displayed inside the HDM.

So if you want to have a proper 8K resolution in a 180° HDM for exemple, you would need a 16K 360° video …

(And I don’t think that’s possible yet. Maybe just a few super expensive camera can film in 16K, and computers can’t render that properly. But 6K and 8K 180° videos are starting to be available.)

In my calculations above I assumed 180 SBS. So with the Pimax 8k you would actually see the whole 180 degrees without turning your head. At least, if the movie players can deal with such high FoV

I’ll check back on that and verify, makes kinda sense. Had the issue definitly with mpc vlc using bigscreen. And I had this issue using vorpX in games, needed to set Windows to 16:9 in order to make it work. But still, so far I’m a noob with vorpx and there are probably options that make this workaround unnecessary that I don’t know of.

I brought VorpX but while in desktop mode it seems to judder when moving my head,as opposed to Bigscreen which is rock solid,mainly using Kodi for viewing streaming 3d films,which works brilliantly on my BE

Games are fine,just this odd jutter/jitter that I can not seem to stop with desktop mode any ideas why I get this on my Win 10 Vega64 Ryzen 5 build ?

same issues here, that jittering is strange

i remember back in the days when a 4k TV was new… all the HD movies looked so blurred on it… so will the 8k x have the same issue if 4k movies are played on it ?