Watch out! I scratched my glasses and lenses!

As the title says I scratched both the glasses and lenses on the right side after using the Pimax. I never thought that the lenses are so damageable.


Danke für den Tip. Ich hoffe es beschädigt nicht die Pimax Linse. Ich werde es mal an meiner Brille zuerst testen.

Deine Brille ist aber aus Glas und die Pimax Plastik.

Brillen können genau so aus Kunststoff sein. Hatte schon 15 Jahre keine mehr aus Glas, da viel leichter.
Ich würde mir eher um die Beschichtung meiner (Seh-) Brille Sorgen machen, wenn ich die poliere !

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Sei Politur ist für Kunststoff. Es gibt 2 verschiedene. Eine für Glas und eine für Kunststoff. Natürlich brauchst du für die Pimax die Kunstoff Politur.

Hab ich an der Oculus getestet. Geht super… Bei pimax geht es auch! Die Kratzer siehst du nacher nicht mehr.

i had the same worries with my htc live, helmet lens scratch …
when I put my helmet I do not see the scratches by chance …
maybe by that I’m miope:rofl::joy:

I bunched up a glasses cleaning cloth and wedged it between my two lens on my O+ to act as a last resort so my glasses can’t hit the lens. I have also added a thicker face pad as well. It would be nice if HMD makers took glasses wearers into account and added a rim around the lens akin to how adding a case to a cell phone gives you a lip. I have also seen some people add screen protectors to their lens but because of the larger Pimax lens you would need a much bigger prote tor obviously.

If you can’t see the scratches on your lens then just ignore it. I’ve heard of people using tooth paste to get out scratches but I would be very weary of this. @Pimax-Support may be able to say whether this is safe or even better they could try it on a damaged lens they have a the factory too see the results. Even better they may have another method.

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The lenses are removable/replaceable but will they be available for purchase is a very good question.


I sure hope so. I’d like to be able to replace them, just in case.

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Well let’s ask
@anon74848233 can we purchase the lenses as a spare parts?


I imagine how fast the lenses will be sratched with their new RE Version. This version has no better or other protection against glasses touches but will be used more often by more people with glasses. With thicker foam you reduce the FOV and that’s I dont want. I use now a protection film which I already used with the DK2.

I got a pair of smart watch protective discs for exactly this reason as with the pimax foam its obvious they are going to touch

I scratched my glass lightly on a glass on Sunday. So I had to test the polish for plastic. It works wonderfully. All scratches have disappeared. It looks like new again! :slight_smile:

Ich hatte am Sonntag leider ein Glas der Pimax mit meiner Brille zerkratzt.

Musste also die Politur testen.
Funktioniert wunderbar. Kein Kratzer mehr zu sehen.
Wie neu… Also keine Panik wenn eine Linse mal zerkratzt ist. Geht ohne Probleme wieder weg.

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That is to be expected, you are not focusing on the lens but 1-2m in distance, so the lens itself (and scratch) is defocused. Small surface area of scratch (as obstacle) will not really degrade image. The biggest problem of scratches is that they can scatter/reflect light and you might start seeing distracting reflections (e.g. double images of bright points) if the scratch is bad.

I suppose that is why some people are gluing them - it will not restore the lense but maybe it can prevent those reflections. If it is really scratch then you can’t remove it.

Also before cleaning lenses make sure you blow off any dust/dirt (but not by blowing with your mouth which can introduce aggressive saliva). Cleaning with dust present is the most common way to make scratches.

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Ok, dann werde ich das mal testen. OK, I will test it with Polywatch!

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hoping for a lense replacement option as well since the pimax has removeable lenses my left side has already become scratched due to wearing glasses

Wow!! Just used Polywatch on my Pimax and oculus quest and it totally, awesomely WORKS! very incredible indeed, never expected a miracle like this.