Warranty Clarification Question

I’ve spent the past 20 minutes or so browsing the forums and store page for information on the warranty. I couldn’t find anything in the store FAQ, or anywhere else on the store. As for the forums, I’ve managed to find three pieces of information I’d like to get verified:

  1. There is a one year warranty, unclear if it starts when the device is shipped or when it arrives, if you’re in the EU then you get a bonus year of warranty. Disassembling the device breaks the warranty.

  2. The warranty is transferable if you buy a used device or sell your device. You do have to use the original email associated with the device however.

  3. Pimax will ship you a new headset when they’ve received the old one, unless you’re in the EU, in which case they’ll ship the new headset once there is a tracking number for the old one.

If a mod can verify this information, or, more likely, correct it, that’d be wonderful :smiley:.

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