War Thunder with 8KX

Anyone find good settings for War Thunder on the 8KX?

With an i7-8700k@5GHz, 2080Ti, 32GB RAM I have to go down to “low” on the War Thunder settings to get 75Hz, and still I get some lag when I roll the plane hard. I haven’t tweaked much at all, because I don’t really know where to set things. It’s a dramatic improvement over my HTC Vive, but I would love to get more eye-candy turned on if I can. I’ll try settings in PiTool that I see in the great IL2 8KX thread.

And I know WT is not a “real” sim lol, I also fly x-plane, IL2, MSFS2020… but I must say I have enjoyed WT sim mode a lot…

Cheers and thanks!

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Welcome to the OpenMR Forum!

What settings are you using in SteamVR and pitool?

Also please post your specs as it may help others give suggestions.

Sure thing! Here’s the details:

System Specs:
i7-8700k @ 5ghz
RTX 2080 Ti
NVME drives

game war thunder
headset pimax 8kx
desktop monitor res 1920x1200
resolution per eye 3840x2160
global setting low
fps 75 (pimax max)
notes overclock removed stutter, well maybe.
overclocked yes


refresh 75
render resolution custom
slider 4440x3948 (100%)
advanced supersample filtering on
overlay render quality auto (high)


tracking lighthouse
panel mode native
refresh 75
IPD offset 3
screen offsets 0
motion comp none
brain warp na
FOV normal
render quality 1
GPU catalist 0
Fixed FOV rendering close
compatible with PP yes
smart smoothing no
hidden area mask yes
compatible with vive only game no

war thunder:

aniso off
antialias none
SSAA none
texture quality medium
render resolution medium
terrain quality minimum
tree range minimum
particle density 1/8
grass 1/16
SSAO quality minimum
reflections quality minimum
small shadows minimum
terrain deformation high
tire tracks none
water quality low
cloud quality in flight minimum
clouds on ground minimum
displacement minimum
shadows on
object shadows off
shadows on effects off
advanced shore off
haze off
soft particles off
terrain far details off
lens flares off
suspension animation off
detailed foliage off
high dynamic range off

FPS with above:

any input appreciated!

honestly, it’s gorgeous in native 4k even with “low” settings in War Thunder. But i would like to tweak so there is no intermitted warping or judder. there is a little.



War thunder is a good combat sim- it looks great and the flight modelling is very good.
I’m waiting for FS 2020 in an 8kx compatible VR edition. Have you tried Aces High? It’s definitely not as pretty as war thunder and it’s much lower resolution. But the flight modelling is great and the VR implementation is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s a tough game though Dash it’s online only and you’re competing with guys have been playing the game for 20 years. You have to be prepared to die a lot. I like it though.


Oh wow cool I’ll try aces! Yeah way back i used to play WarBirds and War Thunder feels like the natural evolution, but back then I could never have predicted how immersive in VR. I love the variety of planes in WT, even if the models aren’t super accurate from what I understand.

I’ll try Aces thanks for the tip!

I’ve enjoyed learning the startup procedures for all the warbirds you can buy for XPlane, and man it would be amazing if IL2 or WT had full hand controls in VR, but once the dogfight starts you’re on the hotas anyways.



Here are my WT settings.
My PC specs are similar. Core i5 9600k. RTX 2080 ti. 16 GB ram. Pimax 8KX. Normal FOV (never been able to decently run wide FOV).

I have most of the settings maxed out, except ssaa, which is off.

My Steam global settings.

And settings for Aces in the drop down. I tweak the resolution slider up and down to manage frame rate.
The War Thunder drop down doesn’t work for me.
I’ve tried to get images of FPSVR while in flight, but the overlay doesn’t show up.
With these settings in getting a mildly shaky 75fps while looking out the window. Looking at the gauges, fps drops dramatically.
I hope this is useful.

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Very!! Thank you.

You must be using upscaled mode if this is an 8kx?

Thanks again will get back after tinkering

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I’ve taken some through the lens photos. It’s hard getting good shots. One pic gets a decent snap of the FPSVR overlay. It shows 75 fps. The pics are taken in test flight, which is always about 5 fps better than in game.

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Thats so wierd! Oh wait I think I see - you have the pimax render multiplier at 0.5, so maybe steam sees the pimax as half resolution, so the 2812x pixels is right for 124% multiplier.

But great if works that way, I’ll give those a shot!

I’ve also seen folks say 25% multiplier in steam and 2x multiplier in pimax.

I’ll fool around. I didn’t understand that the steam multiplier is designed to counteract distortions due to inverting the lens transformation so that when it goes through the lens it comes out clear. So now it makes sense why 100% is not the native resolution, and also why this knob is the one to use for FPS/clarity tradeoff.

Thanks again for taking time to post these.


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