War Thunder Starts but only on monitor

I have my 8kx setup - headset is being tracked with both base stations, as are both controllers. I launch War Thunder from PiTools or from Steam VR and it launches, but only displayed on my PC monitor. In Steam, I get the “Up Next” message, but the game loads and is never displayed in the headset. I have VR Mode turned on in the game settings and it works using a Quest 2. Any suggestions are appreciated!

SteamVR Settings → Developer → SET STEAMVR AS OPENXR RUNTIME

It worked for me in same situation.


Thanks Tooooshka. I finally found that last night. Now the question is whether my system can even run this headset. Frame rate in WT was not playable. I have a Ryzen 9 5900x on a ROG Crosshair Hero VIII, RTX 2080, 32GB ram.

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System looks good work on settings.

Thanks Heliosurge, I have it running now using SweViver’s suggestions and generally tweaking and testing. I’m underwhelmed by the quality as I’ve yet to make any appreciable improvement over my Quest 2. Planes are still very hard to spot from above and often completely disappear until they are above the horizon relative to my position. In general, things look blurry and fast motion is especially blurry. Maybe 3xxx series cards will become available someday at a decent price and I can extract better performance. Thanks for taking time to respond. I very much appreciate that you do. Happy Holidays!

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Thank you. You have a Happy Holidays as well! Hard to say but may also be Game related. Would need others to weight in that 0lay War Thunder. Might be an idea to compare a similar game.