VR seated position anchor center to base station position for simracing?

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, new here. My problem is simple:

I am always seated as I only simrace and only play iRacing, thus centering is always a crap shoot. Sometimes you get it dead on and theres this truly immersive feeling when its dead on, but I only get that like 5% of the time. The rest of the time its “good enough”.

I have my base station centered perfectly in front of me. What I want to do is build some sort of basic application that will center the HMD to the base station. My goal is to always have the car pointing at my base station.

I’ve been programming on the web side for a long time now but I am fiending to develop this app because I need it so bad. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’d also be happy to hire someone to work on this for me.

Thoughts? I legitimately cannot find a single topic online about “perfect center” or “anchor VR to base station” etc. Crazy!

In a nutshell, I want to lcok the “forward” direction of my VR so that its anchored to my base station, so if I “reset HMD” while im 1 foot to the left of my rig, it wont define a new fake center in my world, but always look towards the base station

Can’t help much with software, but the base station (probably only one) directly in front of you is rather suboptimal. Approximately 30-45 degrees sideways and overhead would be ideal for correct capture.
4-5ft min. from your head

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Done thousands of races with this setup, works perfectly. Just want to anchor forward orientation to base station. That would solve all of my problems.

I basically want my “line of sight” to always be going through the base station.

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That’s the problem with a base in front of it. Since the base alternately sends two moving IR lines through space, the HMD cannot reliably determine a fixed coordinate at launch due to the narrow angle. So you have to center manually.
From the Side gives the HMD more information because the grid is offset.


But I will still have to reset my HMD in game. I have done absolutely everything under the sun. I have done offset before. I have done two base stations. I have to center manually anyways. When I center, I want it to set one coordinate, not two. I just want to build exactly what I described in this thread or find another existing solution if possible. I’ve simraced for years and I can never get dead center in iRacing without pressing recenter HMD and moving my head millimeters in various ways. I need to anchor it to base station. I’m really not looking for base station orientation advice as I’ve spent years on this and it’s driving me up a wall :joy:.

I think it doesn’t really matter if my play area or whatever is perfect, because the game doesn’t seem to anchor to anything until I press recenter, at which point a fictional center in space is defined.

I never had controllers before so I wonder if I got two controllers and taped them to my wheel, and then overlayed their position somehow in Iracing, then I can get things to line up maybe? I could put a 3rd controller on the base station

Can’t say anything about IRacing. But when I play flight simulation, I often only use one base (on the side) and the center position is still in the same place even after weeks.

However, you also have to calibrate the base in the Pitool.!

Can you give me a bunch of details about your setup? Do you have pics of it? Are you saying you launch flight sim and its simply centered, you dont need to hit a “recenter HMD” button? What type of base station(s) + headset?

Yes I’m well aware of PiTool, I’ve done thousands of races and have been tweaking this for years now. I sitll have to hit “recenter HMD” in game and wiggle around.

I never had controllers before so I wonder if I got two controllers and taped them to my wheel, and then overlayed their position somehow in Iracing, then I can get things to line up maybe? I could put a 3rd controller on the base station

8k, 8k+, now 8kx… LH 1.0

Controllers are not necessary.

My base is about 4 meters sideways, 60 degrees offset, 20 cm above my head when sitting in the rig.
Just put yours somewhere to test it, it doesn’t have to be screwed on.

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It appears that there is no software solution available to address the issue you mentioned. However, have you attempted to reposition the lighthouse?

Yes. Many, many times. Tried 3, 2, just 1. Tried 2.0’s and 1.0’s, even got a whole new VR headset. Again, everything works mint.

I JUST want the ability to anchor the forward position that it is always perfect.

This is not a light house issue.

And did you actually save the position in Pitool first?!? Not in SteamVR! But as I said, you will probably always have with the station directly from the front about 10cm offset to the left or right when putting it on.

its not a light house issue. i am trying to build an app specifically to anchor forward position to base station so car is always facing forward with only one angle changing, not two.

its not a light house issue. i have said multiple times ive tried various orientations. that is not the problem. you are not understanding my problem. this is very very very frustrating.

please, i really do not need base station placement advice.

i am SPECIFICALLY talking about building an app to anchor forward position to base station.

please, stop suggesting positioning. like i said multiple times, everything works perfectly, i just dont loike that when you click “reset HMD”, it doesnt anchor to anything.

it is not a light house positioning issue. you are 100% not understanding me. this is EXTREMELY frustrating as i dont know how much more clear I can be that IT IS NOT A LIGHT HOUSE ISSUE please stop suggesting this thank you. you are really not understanding me and keep suggesting things unrelated to what i am trying to accomplish.

i dont care what i anchor to, whether its a base station, or a controller duct taped to a pole in front of me. the point is, i need to have a permanent physical center that my VR can anchor to, so my car is always facing in a direction with the only angle changing being my head location

if you have any ideas how to accomplish this “anchoring” be it a base station or controller, im all ears.


Simple start the headset in the direction you want it to be. Re center buttin works as well.

If your ising a sim rig maybe @MikeJeffries can g8ve you some guidance.

After everything I typed I really cannot tell if you are messing with me or not and why. I don’t think you understand what I am trying to say.

It doesn’t matter if I start the headset in the direction I want it to be, it will always be off. By anchoring it to base station, car is always pointed the right way, and then the recentering would just be setting an angle instead of treating the theoretical center as a bullseye i have to hit, which I also can’t see, and actually have a chance at having it centred properly.

Like I said, I’ve done tens of thousands of races. I do this every day for about 8 hours. I know what I’m doing and what I want.

PLEASE for the love of god, please stop suggesting lighthouse issues because it means you are NOT understanding me.

I just need help in anchoring forward position to base station, or creating a virtual “rail” my vr headset sits on between two perfectly centered vive trackers.

OR a way to overlay some controllers+base station into my game so I can tape them on my wheel and align it to the ingame wheel that way.

Again, for the last time, it is not a light house issue, becuse everything works perfeclty. I am JUST TRYING TO GET PERFECT CENTER

Why cant anyone understand me this is so aggravating :sob: You’re giving me a mental breakdown and I don’t know what combination of words to use anymore. This thread is utterly exhausting me.

I just want some advice for creating the VR program I want to create, why is that so hard :disappointed: It’s mean and you’re making me sad and I don’t appreciate it.

Well I never myself haven’t had a problem with seated Experience using a light house. I am not sure why your having an issue.

You mentioned anchoring and sim rig users do use a tracker for anchoring motion.

So if you know what you want have you tried asking in your sim forum?

I use recenter if my position seated is not ideal and it resets position to what I want with magic.

If your looking to create a program have you checked OpenVR sdk and github?

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I am not having an issue. I am trying to build a program to give me anchored front. The “issue” is that HMD recentering when seated leaves much to be desired, and anchoring the center line to pass through my head and into my base station rather than from my head, and to the direction my HMD is facing. That’s all it is.

You mentioned anchoring and sim rig users do use a tracker for anchoring motion.

HOW!!! I literally cannot find anything online about making the center line always pass through a base station or tracker, aka “anchoring”. Like nothing. It is somewhat mind blowing to me this doesn’t exist. I am looking to hire someone to build this for me and I am happy to pay well.

So if you know what you want have you tried asking in your sim forum?

Yes it doesn’t exist, but many many people want it and echo my thoughts. There are quite a few threads dating back years people wanting this, so the angle of their car remains consistent.

If your looking to create a program have you checked OpenVR sdk and github?

Actively looking into this now. Never did VR or game anything so this is highly confusing to me. I got linked some libraries like this one that I can fork and maybe make use of: GitHub - Louka3000/OpenVR-InputEmulator-Fixed: A fork of OpenVRInputEmulator that is compatible with the latest SteamVR versions (hopefully). Thanks p1mp184.

------------------- reply to bottom post since i am capped:

Perfect thanks. Sorry for my previous reply it was super frustrating. I’d love a Pimax XR but cannot find one, the OLED would be great for night time racing.

Will explore OVR toolkit.

Basically I just need to write a simple command line app, doesn’t even need a GUI, something to trigger like a “centering mode active” where it just always passes the centerline through my base station and my HMD, thus “fixing” my cars nose angle forward always.


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Programs you might consider

  • OpenVR Advanced Settings
  • Ovr Toolkit
  • Pimax XR and toolkit

Maybe @mmorselli might be able to give you guidance since you say nothing currently exists. He might be able to explain how to or if not.

If using OpenXR though might be able to help with OoenVR there is also @mbucchia .

If you looking for help on programming then you should be clear as there are many devs in this forum. Like @StonebrickStudios , @TheIronWolf , @risa2000 etc…

Okay have poked some folks whim might have the knowledge your looking for. There are likely quite a f re w others here as well.

Something that could be a factor as well though is the title your trying to achieve this in.

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