VR Rally Simulator : works amazing : free to download

Found this link on a youtube video for RIchard Burns Rally

it is an updated version of richard burns rally, with new cars and physics.


if you then install the vr mod


works perfectly with pimax. Older game so runs a dream. really good head tracking. there is an option in plugins (in game) to change the vr resolution.

THe original review video i found this link on :>

Enjoy it as a end of year treat/gift/holiday whatever.

great way to enjoy your pimax 4k :wink:



Since then, things got even easier - I just installed RBRPro and it was one click (seriously) and works with Pimax, large FOV, no PP needed. Funnily or sadly, works better than some modern racing games work in VR.


I’d like to try RBRPro, but most download links are dead. Can you tell us where you downloaded it?

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Still have the original disk I bought from Europe (could not get RBR here when released). Drove it up until DR1. Tried getting back into it but it couldn’t compete with DR1’s physics.
Then DR2 comes along and RBR gets uninstalled. RBR had some sim/arcade qualities but what DR2 brings to the table is vastly more sim. Especially in track surfaces and car differences. It’s like “real golfers don’t putt on carpet”. It ruins their sense of touch for real golf green surfaces.
RBR is legendary. Way ahead of the competition in it’s day. For it’s time, it was my go to for many years. :+1:

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@sikjar https://www.rbrpro.org/

@dogbite - I absolutely love RBR, especially in motion, I do not feel like I am missing out, even compared to modern rF2 tracks. Also, I like damage and feeling of real, unforgiving autosport in RBR. The hardest thing to swallow is static dashes, which I mitigated somewhat with SimHub and CC VR Overlays.

That said, it is due to static dashes I am definitely picking up DR2 to try, I hear a lot of good things. But it should be damn good to replace RBR - I did not notice lack of surface details and cars feel very unique with NGP6. If DR2 is better - great!


I believe I said “differences” as opposed to “lacked”. I just feel there is more robust feedback in those areas, but that too is subjective and relates only to my RL experiences.
As always ymmv :smiley:

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after more than 500 hours on Dirt Rally 2
I will probably do even more on RBR thanks for the link for the 2020 version
it’s really awesome :v:


Anyone using the Rallysimfans.hu install? For some reason I now need Parallel Projections to play. I’m not sure if it’s something on my end, or something added into this install, but I was curious to see if anyone else had an issue needing PP with it. Here’s a link:

What’s crazy is you can just install all of the tracks upon the initial setup, which looks like in the hundreds. I think it’s 80 GB total. The cars also update automatically. Also, I’m using the DiRT Rally 1 pacenotes which can be configured/installed using this guide:

whats everyones fps like? I have recently gone back to rbr after not using it for years but i am getting terrible fps. The gpu frametimes are tiny, like <1ms but a single core on thge cpu is being taxed and the cpu frametimes are around 20ms! This is with a 5900x as well?! Is this normal? If so i think ill just put it back to bed. Its a shame as rbrpro was easy to setup and install & the NGP6 are pretty good, especially tarmac which is where dr2 is rubbish.

For some reason I now need to use parallel projections, and yes, I’m getting bad FPS. My previous post was to hopefully get help :frowning: