VR Player - How to lunch it with pimax

Hello there,

well well well !!
i have installed the VR player aplpication, and when i lunch it the program start in my first screen and nothing in the headset

so how please can lunch the application vr player in the headset


VR player is an extended mode app.

You should try DeoVive, it’s the best VR movie player by far.

ok i installed id on occulus store, how using it wihtout the oculus command ?

Hello @Sjef i can lunche the playeur in occulus home, but i can active a video.
because i don’t have controleur, how use a controlleur please

what i want to says, in the DeoVive app, i can move in 360°, ut i can"t activate a button. when i look for long a button nothing happen :confused:

I use a xbox 360 controller. I haven’t tried other ways actually of using it, not sure if keyboard/mouse is support …

BTW, no need for oculus home, just download the Vive version and start it, it will launch SteamVR automatically

Keyboard and mousse not working.
i tried a xbox 360 ce controller emulateur to using my gamecube pad, but in the app not working.


i try with steamVr and my gamePad still not working,

like u seen in screen here my gamepad works with the x360ce :http://www.x360ce.com/

but in game nothing comes