VR performance tool kit

Does anyone here know how to install it in MSFS2020 properly? The read note is a little confusing, as you can see below.

VR Performance Toolkit

Performance-oriented collection of mods for VR games.

Included mods:

  • Upscaling techniques (render at lower resolution and upscale to target resolution)
    • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
    • NVIDIA Image Scaling
    • AMD Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

Planned mods:

  • “Fixed foveated” rendering (render fewer pixels at the edges of the screen)
    • Variable Rate Shading (only for NVIDIA RTX / GTX 16xx cards)
    • Radial Density Masking (all GPUs, but works only with a handful of games)
  • Force hidden area mask: don’t render pixels at the edges that are not visible in the headset.
    Many games already use this mask, but not all. This mod will allow you to force its usage.

Supported VR runtimes:

  • Oculus (in alpha)
  • OpenVR


Extract dxgi.dll and vrperfkit.yml next to the game’s main executable.
For Unreal Engine games, this is typically <Game>Game\Binaries\Win64\<Game>Game-Win64-Shipping.exe.

Build instructions

Clone the repository and init all submodules.

Download the Oculus SDK
and extract LibOVR from the downloaded archive to the ThirdParty folder.

Run cmake to generate Visual Studio solution files. Build with Visual Studio.

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EDIT: this is not for MS2020, but for OpenVR games!!!

How to install VR performance Kit:

Forget last part “Build instructions”, that is not install.

You have to download it from GitHub - fholger/vrperfkit: VR Performance Toolkit, you will find link on right side, it says “Latest”.
On next page click vrperfkit_vxxxx.zip
If your antivirus does not allow it (it is safe, do not worry), then click more, then download anyway.

After downloading extract that zip next to your gamefile exe, so you can see 2 files next to game exe:
dxgi.dll and vrperfkit.yml

You can change settings in vrperfkit.yml directly (it is text file, use text editor like notepad, or notepad++),
or after starting your game you can set everything with shortcuts. You can see all shourtcuts on bottom of .yml file.

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I don’t think u install fholgers vrperfkit to msfs 2020.
You use OpenXR Toolkit which is by mbucchia and cptnlucky:

fholgers vrperkit is for OpenVR that have the openvr dll like alyx, mbuchhia’s OpenXR Toolkit is for OpenXR like msfs.


Thank you for the clear explanation.

Be sure to check for an update around 3/3/22. They are going to add FFR/VRS. It was scheduled for 2/28 release but since SimUpdate 8 is to release that day they pushed it back (not specific on the date)

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Thank you, I will.:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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