VR_Headset_Hanger - designed for simplicity

Personally, I frequently find myself with a shortage of places to put VR headsets, VR controllers, and even audio headsets, when I need to take them off and put them back on frequently. Such as during testing, diagnostics, or just the occasional software crash (SteamVR…).

Often as not, the expensive VR headset gets temporarily placed somewhere it should not be. Such as blocking PC exhaust, in the middle of a desk, precariously balanced on an armchair…

This simple bracket solves that. It is angled upward to provide some grip, and it has mounting holes to be bolted directly to a wall or plate. While specifically designed to accommodate the 8kX, the lack of flanges is also intended to support any kind of headset - even audio headsets.

Most of all, this ‘VR_Headset_Hanger’ is designed to be easy to 3D print - two hours and none of the features that tend to cause printing failure.

Keep in mind this is still a work in progress. I am aware the aesthetics could use some work, and the plastic could be thicker.


A huge improvement in convenience when needing to go back to the 2D desktop, and then back to VR, when for whatever reason VritualDesktop/OVRDrop/etc are not sufficient.

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Please be aware, this has not been adequately safety tested yet. In particular, it is known that flexible material should be used, to prevent accidental injury from collisions while using VR headsets/controllers in ‘roomscale’ mode.

Additionally, the 3D printing process can create some slightly sharp edges that can cut into the headset foam. Covering the hanger with a soft cloth or similar material is recommend.

Some people might be able to get away with using a hose hanger/mount instead.

Obviously, this wouldn’t work for your setup since it is inflexible but similar DIY solutions may be more practical for other people.


Thanks for the thingiverse link, I’ll print a few of these tonight. My 5k is on a table covered by a tee shirt most days, I think she deserves better.

In my previous VR setup I was using something like this (not exactly this but you get the idea) :
Was working quite well, once I redo my new VR space I will probably use this again, simple, fast and easy access for everyone.

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The advantage of my design is the upward angle. So the headset is far harder to accidentally pull off if the cable gets snagged among other things. However, unlike the garden hose hanger, there is no obstructing ‘fence’ to get in the way while somewhat blindly putting the headset back on the wall.

Great to see all the DIY solutions though. Glad I am not the only person to think it is undesirable to occupy scarce desk surfaces with the headset and such…

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My desk is made out of Al-profiles. Therefore the latest iteration of my Hanger is made for using this profile:

Detail of the Interface:


The last one is the latest, that is shown in the first picture.
The others are similar but not interface to the Al-Profile. Instead they were mounted over my joystick-base:

The first and the second one differs for the version of the joystick base (the latest model and the previous one). The third one is also for the latest model of the base but the Pimax is hanging a little bit lower.


I like those designs very much. Still, I find my own design quite satisfactory, and have made a slight variation of it - flexible material for safety.

I am only using the flexible material version for my 5k+, as that headset’s hanger is close enough to the middle of the room that it might get punched with enough force to cause injury. The other headsets remain on rigid mounts.

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