VR frames work pretty well in my 5K+

I ordered these with my prescription: https://vr-lens-lab.com/product/vr-frames-virtual-reality-glasses/ (had to do a custom order since my prescription is outside their standard values, but they still came through in a timely manner)

Shared my opinion on them in Sweviver’s Discord, but someone suggested I do it here too, so here we go.

They have been working really well with my 5K+. My regular glasses would go right against the lenses, but the VR frames are so close to my eyes that I no longer have that issue. They fit really well inside for me. This won’t be for everyone, as having them so close to your eyes can be uncomfy for some, but I don’t mind at all. I do occasionally have to take them off and clean them because of my eyelashes touching them though.

The adjustable strap for them also means I can’t shake them loose during gameplay. They have fogged up a little during longer stretches of intense gameplay, but I wouldn’t say it has been a prevalent issue during general use. They are very light(lighter than my regular glasses) and sturdy enough that I don’t worry about them.

All in all, I’m happy with it. If you are fed up with waiting for something official regarding prescription inserts, I can at least recommend looking into the VR frames - though they certainly won’t be for everyone.


Very nice to hear they’re being shipped and they work well, that’s at least one of the accessories checked off :slight_smile:

Which model did You order? Did You write Pimax in the “Other headset” field?

How do they look?

What I’m trying to find out is if they’re “optimized” for the wide lenses of the Pimax headsets or not? :slight_smile:

The VR frames only really have one model. This is not an insert that you install into the headset, so not a whole lot of variation needed. I did put Pimax 5K+ in the Other headset field, but as far as I know, that won’t change the product in any way. I think it’s just VR Lens Lab who wants to judge the market need for actual inserts for headsets they don’t make products for yet.

The look is exactly like the picture on their site in the link. I elected not to go for the blueguard coating on them.

The VR frames are pretty narrow, but I don’t really notice since they are so close to my eyes. You won’t get coverage across your entire FoV though. Just like with regular prescription glasses, you will have an area on the sides where the view is not covered by the prescription lenses.

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Oh, I thought they were shaped to match the headset. That’s what it looks like at their product page… :wink:

As far as I have understood it, they just took the available shapes and designed a frame that will work with all lens shapes. They don’t make a VR frame for each headset, but rather one frame that will work with all of them.

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Ah… I see. That makes sense after seeing it again… D’OH… :grin: