Vr Cooling Fan-Day, Let us celebrate!

I had a dream… a VISION in which the prophets spoke to me with CRYSTAL-clear voices…


And in that vision was declared there will be many plans but only the true seekers shall find the right path.
The prophets spoke in images of a “VR-fan”, a “request form” on a “website” and a prophecy that something wonderful or at least something important was about to happen October 2019

See the month of October has passed, has the prophecy failed? Is this just a test?

I am trying my hardest to stay… sorry i mean BE ADVISED, surely this is just the Lord testing my faith.

Anyways i suggest my fellow worshippers that we honor the prophecy by celebrating a new
holy day - “The VR Cooling Fan-day”, henceforth always the seventh day of the third week of October,
Join me in prayer and may all our 1000 year-sins be forgiven, just as surely sjdefklerk and the other sinners before him have been forgiven

be advised, always


Hallelujah :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: lol