vorpX: What resolution do you use with your 5K+/8K ? - and other experiences

Hi, @EarlyBackers

I finally tried a couple of minutes Skyrim @vorpX.
The latest version of vorpX sets Skyrim to a FullHD-resolution, 1920x1080.
When ingame, the image quality is quite moderate: Could be worse, but could certainly be better. Nevertheless, brightness and contrast are much much better than with my 4K before, not speaking of the FOV :wink:

I know from former gen1 HMD’s with only 100° FOV, that vorpX suggested 4:5-resolutions (or was it 5:4 - can’t remember), and with my Pimax 4K I had to create such a custom resolution (was something around 2800x… - can’t remember exactly, either). Otherwise, the image and scaling looked quite odd and ugly :wink:

So, from all your personal experiences: Are usual 16:9-resolutions “back” for vorpX / Skyrim @vorpX? At least with FOV “normal”, which is the one I set in PiTool.

The image and scaling looks quite good; so I’d say, 1920x1080 = 16:9 should be fine. But I admit: I am a bit unsure :wink:

Has anyone already tried to adjust Skyrim or any other’s game resolutions for vorpX? If anyone is playing especially Skyrim: What resolution and further settings (sharpness & co.) do you use?
Does vorpX respect SteamVR SuperSampling? Mine is set to 125%, but when I compare image quality / sharpness to i.e. Project Cars or Euro Truck Simulator 2, I don’t think it does…

Furthermore, with 1920x1080 already, vorpX mentions FPS only around 30 +/- - and whereas this doesn’t bother me at all in Project Cars or Euro Truck Simulator 2, in Skyrim @vorpX, I get quite close to motion sickness once again after just 15-20 minutes already…
Anyone getting more than 30 +/- FPS with Skyrim @vorpX, and if so, which settings do you use? Without getting a too blurry image :wink:

Thx for some experience exchange :slight_smile:

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Um… why not skyrim VR? While it is sometimes glitchy, you can still do mods, runs great, and it’s got a decent combat system that actually uses your hand position so you have to hit them with your sword. Only game-breaking bug I ran into is the one quest in the dragonborn DLC in which the sword beam doesn’t ever come out and you are stuck in the bottom of the cave.

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  1. I don’t have enough room for room-scale.
  2. I don’t have any controllers yet.
  3. My save-game has over 330 hrs of playing time and is so heavily modded I doubt I will get it work with Skyrim VR, even if only half of the mods were compatible :wink:
  4. I know almost every single corner of Skyrim by heart and did almost all the quests I wanted to do. I just want to finish my save-game with the Civil War quests, then, I think, Skyrim is over for me and I’ll move on to the next RPG.

Which is the reason why I asked for Skyrim especially, but for other vorpX games and experiences in general as well :slight_smile: I.e. I started Dragon’s Dogma with my former 4K @vorpX as well, and I guess I’ll have to tune it for the 5K+, too.

Ah, okay. Sorry that I can’t help then, but very impressive hour count!

Np, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Try to fire up the game in cinema mode, it looks also surprisingly good…