VorpX is now getting official Pimax support as dev got 5k+!

Full support is coming in next version of VorpX!


Great! Thanks for the news.

There are several games I’d like to play, so I’ll buy VorpX, once it supports the 8K.


Great news actually.

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Great news! I just hope Ralph enables some kind of IPD slider for Pimax in Vorpx as our Pimaxs really suffer from supporting 64 and below IPD…

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Unfortunately, I don’t think the IPD issue(s) can be solved in software.

My strong suspicion is that the hardware will need to be modified too: Trimming the inner side of the lens, adapting the lens holes to fit the trimmed lens (moving lenses inwards), adapting the IPD adjuster range limit, AND updating the PiTool driver to handle lower values.

That basically means that I think it is very likely the Pimax will need to offer “Low IPD” variations of their headsets.

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Yea probably. However either way a software IPD slider is crucial, as screens don’t move when you physically move the IPD sliders.

They should offer a lens swap for backers with 66mm IPD and lower, and considering average human eye IPD is 64mm they made a great mistake. Or maybe not, maybe average Chinese human eye IPD is 70, and they don’t care much about 66 and below…

What a shame…

Yay! I’ll buy it then. GTA!

It may take more than a lens swap. My self-measured IPD is 63 mm and I’ve set my 8K to 65 mm, which works great for me. 64 mm should be OK. (Granted, there seems to be a problem with lower IPDs.)

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He seems to have trouble understanding your post.

Yea yea, 63mm IPD to set with 65! You guys are really funny!

Not only him, but you as well :blush:

I would totally buy vorpx now! This reduces the fear that my pimax would become paperweights because i don’t think pimax would put more long term resources for their products. At least i can rely on vorpx.

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Great news !!! :beers: :beers: :sunglasses:

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Hey @PngVR stop telling in every post your problem about config your Pimax 5K, you already made a post with your IPD problem, this topic is about VORPX.


Great news! I had quickly tried out Vorpx with my 5k+ a couple of weeks ago using methods similar to what I had used with my Odyssey and Vive and the result were not good at all. Sounds like trying to use similar settings as my previous headsets was the problem. I’ll probably wait until the vorpx pimax specific update before trying it again though.

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What’s even more exciting, is that, if I’m not mistaken, VORPX has built in adjustments for color/brightness/contrast doesn’t it?


It’s what’s clearest to me. It’s possible that my self-measured IPD is off. It’s possible that the headset reported value is off. This setting allows me to play for 3-4 hours without eyestrain, so it’s good enough.

I plan to see an optometrist in a couple of months, so I should get a professionally-measured value then. I’ll ask to get the per-eye distance from the center of my nose then too.

[ update ] I did some more tweaking tonight. I’ve adjusted my headset position a bit and have found that 62.3 mm is even better.

It reduces a slight smearing effect when I look forward, deep space in Elite Dangerous looks a little further away, and text is slightly easier to read. However, this also makes the SDE a bit more noticeable and makes positioning the headset correctly more exacting. There’s essentially no room for any error (like 1/2 a mm). If it’s off, things are a bit blurry and smeared.


Umm, yes it is. Granted some people (like yourself) are having IPD adjustment issues, but the normal range seems to be supported. Perhaps face-pad thickness or eye depth has an effect. Perhaps tilting the headset up or down has an effect.

This is a topic about VorpX not your IPD problems - Keep it on topic or go away.

As for VorpX support - great. Will look forward to seeing some fps fav titles of mine in stereo 3D via my Pimax 8K. Red Orchestra/Killing Floor 2 - Here we come…:partying_face::+1::grinning:

But dude. IPD is not supposed to be set by any random software!
Either it is done by hardware like it is or by software BY Pimax as is done by Windows Mr which is from what I have heard not good at all.

But please don’t go the usual route of going off topic which happens way too frequently on this forum.