VoodooDE received his 2x 2080TI :)


Awesome be great to see single & sli performances.



Now with great power, comes great BENCHMARKS.

We need Elite Dangerous at FULL UBER ULTRA Settings with Max Pitool for extreme quality shots and movies :slight_smile:


Yes! Can’t wait to see some game tests, sadly they will all be in German.

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Does FPS even scale upwards in multi GPU Setups? Didn’t VR need some special support from the Gameside to even make use of a 2nd GPU? Or will ‘regular’ SLI also help already?


Same lorry that brought the cards took away the pallet of cash to pay for them? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There isn’t a lot of point in the second 2080 ti for SLI in VR. There are so few games that support it that unless your top game uses it well there just isn’t any point. The 2080 ti is too expensive already given what it brings for VR performance but two of them is just paying twice as much for the same performance.


This i think will still be interesed to see performance tests in games. I say this due to I originally ran my p4k on 2x7950 cf. Later a user was trying to get a single 7950 to work to no avail.

In CF steamvr scored aversge 3.5(yellow) with odd test just yielding green.

With CF disabled or 1 card in tge system steamvr gave 1 red. Nothing would run in vr I tried; even 360 vids would fail to launch.

While it won’t likely yield any gains directly gameside, once the vrcompositor takes over may.


Who wants to send me a 5K+ or 8K? :stuck_out_tongue:





I have read contradicting info about it so far. 2080 (Ti) should have NVLink instead of SLI, which theoretically should allow GPU “pooling” and memory sharing, but people here were writing that these features are not enabled on consumer cards, but only on Quadros.

So I am really curious about the results from @VoodooDE. For “normal” benchmarks it seems to work relatively well, in the video below, they got 70% performance boost from dual 2080 Ti setup compared to the single card.


Interesting. In some cases like Assetto Corsa the difference is smaller than what I expected. But in others the 25- 30% is pretty much what we were expecting.

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Those capabilities don’t help games, they are for compute tasks like machine learning. All it is really doing on a game/consumer card is providing a higher bandwidth connection for passing frames between cards. Even if a game could use it none of them are written to do so.

Well it will help games seeing as the higher bandwidth is really an improvement as the GPUs will need to output via the same GPU. So gpu 1 does left eye, and 2 does right eye. Then GPU 2 must send right eye to gpu 1 for it to post the full picture.

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Which requires games support, of which there are like 5 right now and one of those is an Nvidia demo.

Yea well true, but it makes it more viable for higher resolutions as SLI might simply have been a bottleneck perhaps?

Will have to hope unity adds support for it.

At least SteamVR Performance Test should works with VR SLI

the new NVLink should address the latency issue when transferring the image to the other card

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The headset driver side does use cf & sli on there part of the rendering process. Once the game hands it off.

The p4k refused to run anything on 1 ati 7950 boost 3gig card. Steamvr score 1 Red. Games & video’s crashed.

When I installed the 3nd card & activated cf everything worked. Steamvr score avg 3.5 yellow