VoodooDE Pimax Early Prototype (3 months+ old) 8K+ first impressions

  • Material is the same burp (not the same material in Vision series)
  • Quality Control has really changed?

Most inportant questions is it worth the upgrade…? As per Voodoo … NO


Good start with quality control :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know it’s an early sample but not a great start. :pensive:

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Hope VoodooDE concusions about upgrade from 8K worth not more than $100 will make Pimax to reconsider the trade-in program.

On the side note, I don’t see a lot of people bying 8K+, because of there will be a number of 8K low price offers from the people selling their KS headsets to upgrade to 8KX.

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Please get on top of this.

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BTW for people who don’t speak german:

  • He’s been trying to get info from Pimax regarding his new HMD, but has gotten none at all, they’ve been ignoring him for a week (sounds like Pimax allright)
  • His device is broken, there’s a big ‘band’ in the middle of one panel. The other panel works fine. So he had to run his tests with one eye only.
  • 90 hz didn’t work, it only had a 75 hz option in pitool. He said he could notice the difference with 90 hz in beat saber.
  • VERY difficult to see the SDE. Best panel in terms of SDE he has seen.
  • Black is exactly the same as the original 8k to him. No improvement. Vive Cosmos is much better here he says
  • He didnt receive the new audiostrap/kit
  • Says he currently wouldn’t advise to upgrade if you already have an 8k. Only if you could upgrade for max 100 dollar he might do it. The difference is not that big between the two headsets he says

He did stress that these were just first impressions.


No worries this is the EN Video. I can understand what he’s saying.


Haha lol, missed that … I saw the german vid only and posted this in the other thread too :slight_smile:


So it turns out voodoo has been reviewing an old model and nobody even told him


Old model?..

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Yeah 2 revisions behind. Sebas has the same one see the xtal thread