VoodooDE KDMAS Review (Now Working, Use Adapter Cable to Left Connector)

This is the KDMAS (which uses “regular” on ear headphones - instead of “off ear” headphones (which are used on the DMAS or the Valve Index).



i was already was afraid about the very bad audio quality,i dont hope the DMAS goes in the same direction… But i have a bad feeling about this!


Damn, after all this time we’ve waited this is the result. I’m still waiting for the DMAS personally, but now my expectations are quite low. What a disappointment.

I’m sure someone will jump on here saying it’s a setting somewhere, but why does every single Pimax product require us to do some abnormal $%&# to properly enjoy it??? It just gets old.


Wow design flaws found with the DMAS already.

It’s the KDMAS… :wink:


Still, but to be expected.

But I think there is already a post where someone replaces the speakers with some relatively cheap ones from amazon.

Shame we will have to do this.


That’s someone replacing the speakers on the SMAS with speakers from AliExpress (which are “OK” - I have those for my Quest):



Sooo… what happened to that “great sound” ?


I wonder if it’s just the same driver as used on the SMAS just in a different enclosure?

Still really hoping that the DMAS will be “good” as they said it was using a good driver from one of the big/good audio companies (or something like that). That could mean anything though… :wink:

What a bummer for all the backers (I’m a pre-order customer) who are receiving the KDMAS. That’s a long time to wait for a dud.

I’m sure we’ll be able to find a better driver (maybe Koss KSC75 if it’ll fit) that’ll suit the enclosure better… :wink:


There still could be a valid reason why VoodooDE gets a poor sound:

He has tested it with an 8K+ while the KDMAS was specifically designed for the 5K+/8K IIRC.

The difference is 2 audio jack VS only 1, but I remember also different embedded amplifiers (weaker amplifier on 5K+/8K that prevented it to work with the regular DMAS).

I’m not expert in audio but I think I remember impedance must “match” between drivers and amplifier.

Would be nice if voodoDE could check the sound with the 5K+ or 8K if he gets the same result.


That makes sense. Yes… :wink:

Some of my (high impedance + low sensitivity) headphones sound very flat/tinny without a proper amplifier… :slight_smile:

I just thought that the KDMAS was supposed to work on any device (being low impedance and high sensitivity) but the DMAS wouldn’t (being high impedance + low sensitivity).

I guess if they’re really low impedance and high sensitivity there could be a lot of noise (if the 8K+ uses the same DAC/amp as the 8KX?).

Just a note on the 8KX:
When switching from SMAS speakers to my own ear buds I had to power cycle the headset for it to sound good. It sounded horrible without a power cycle (lots of noise) suggesting to me that it actually switches output mode (maybe just different gain levels) automatically depending on which drivers are connected at power up.


Good find :+1:

Let cross fingers it is something like that (wrong output mode).

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what about pulling audio jacks a bit outward, it shouldnt be this way but afair @generic wrote it was really bad until he did something with jacks. But imo its expected that overall experience will be poor, as they never did quality sound solution so far.

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I think he actually had to power-cycle the headset too?

Maybe that’s where I read it? :slight_smile:



The solution is actually a little bit further down in that same topic… :smiley:


That’s it… :wink:

@VoodooDE: Please try to use the KDMAS with the y-cable plugged into the left output only.

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They sound crap…literally.

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How does crap (poop) sound? Literally… :slight_smile:

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:blush:…have to ask pimax they seem to be the experts in the field and leading the market with “crappy” audio solutions…well worth the three year wait for everyone. Oh wait there must be something wrong with VoodooDE’s settings or pc.


Interesting that he did not need the top strap adaptor. I thought it is mandatory due to a wider strap design. His strap seemed to fit though, so I assume that the KDMAS may vary in sizes concerning the top strap.

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