voodooDE Crystal review

Interesting insights.

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Worth noting that MRTV had much better mic quality and the tracking looked much better. Seems like the update that Voodoo couldn’t get installed made a big difference. Check out MRTV’s patreon for more info on it.

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He talks about Crystal a bit today about 1:33 min mark


How is there not a huge uproar now that we know that the Crystal a) needs a battery even when tethered and b) that battery losing charge even whilst plugged in?

In my mind, this is a major design flaw and as amazed I am by what visuals quality this HMD can achieve, it’s the final nail in the coffin for me personally to even consider a purchase.

I would have bought the Crystal to replace my VR-3 but I’m definitely not hot swapping a battery in the middle of an endurance race on my simrig :sweat_smile:

The uproar is in the thread I linked above.

I suspect the complexity of their multi-tool design hasn’t helped

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