Volume and Mic mute Buttons on the DAS

What would you guys think about Volume and Mic mute buttons on the speakers of the DAS like on the Vive Pro ?
I think that’s a pretty significant improvement and should not be to hard or to late to still implement.



Indeed while the 4k lacks a mic it does have vol up & down buttons for earphones.

The 8K prototype (v3?) had volume up/down and power buttons, but apparently no mute.

As to “should not be to hard or to late to still implement”, I have to disagree. At this point, the molds and circuit boards have been designed and parts have probably been produced, so that the Q2 deadline can be attained.


True however depending on setup the power button might be able to be setup to use a soft press to mute mic.

There was talk in the 4k about possibly having the power button double as a re center button.

@deletedpimaxrep1 can likely inquire if the power button can be setup as a multi purpose button. Ie soft press enable/mute mic. Long press power on/off.

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Actually, I really like the idea of a recenter button; sometimes you might rely on accelerometers, when a lighthouse isn’t set up. That would probably work fine for a game like Elite Dangerous.

Maybe pressing both volume buttons at the same time could trigger mute and pressing either one by itself would un-mute.

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Good idea. Hopefully the software engineers can implement easy enough. Might even be able to setup so users can customize this in settings. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

That sounds like the best suggestion!
I forgot that we already have volume buttons.
My bad.

Will say plainly seeing the power button besides the vol buttons gives me anxiety as someone with an id degree.

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