Vivecraft on either the 5k+ or 8k?

Has anyone had a chance to play Vivecraft on either a 5k+ or 8k? @sweviver had issues with Minecraft but I didn’t hear if he gave Vivecraft a try? My 5 year old keeps bugging me ha ha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I gave it a 10min test on 5k+, normal fov.

It ran ‘very’ well on gtx1080 and 8700k. No problem maintaining 90fps.


I just got my 5K+ today and started Vivecraft with default settings.It’s blury. I seems like it’s a setting thing, maybe the FOV, but I see everything doubled and can’t go under 60mm eye distance.

Try enabling parallel projection.

Are you using Wide FOV? If so, try Normal FOV. What is your SS setting in SteamVR? When it’s less than 80%, some have complained of blurriness.

Hi, I am trying to setup vivecraft.

The game launches but it shows duplicate image in the headset. The same effect as if I was crossing my eyes.

I know there is a setting for mirrored desktop image (single, dual)

But nothing to merge the image in the headset.

I have the 5k+, did anyone encounter the same issue and fixed it ?

A lot of people say this every day on the forum. And they always get this answer: Try turning on or off “parallel projection”. Some games need it, some will give you double vision. There’s even a list over these games


Where is that setting ? Pitool ?

@miniyuuzhan It worked for me by turning on “Compatible with parallel projections” in the “Brainwarp” section of the settings. But very important, you have to restart SteamVR afterwards or it won’t apply the setting. It took me a while to figure that out.

I tried Vivecraft. It works just fine using parallel projections enabled in PiTool.

The only issue I found is that it’s not possible to teleport down more than 4 blocks unless you modify the settings to allow longer teleport distance. Otherwise if you respawn on top of a tree your only option is to punch down and break the leaves to drop down.

Also the spiders are scary.

OK then, fine. Don’t use the forum for what it’s for. Yes, in Pitool

Thanks, found it.
Got the game to work yesterday.

But I was playing in seated mode due to the lack of controllers, got dizzy pretty fast.