Vive XR Elite - Discussion

Announcement video: VIVE XR Elite - Thrills and Wonders Where Realities Meet - YouTube

The good:

Diopter adjustment

Should be great comfort

Hot swappable battery

Wireless streaming with wifi 6e

The bad:

Price: 1449 euro

No DP connection

1920 per eye


I think it’s strike 3 for HTC.

They just can’t seem to innovate and are lagging behind their competitors. It’s like they are playing “me too”.

A last gen xr2 with same res as quest 2 at quest pro price.

Do people even care about HTC anymore?

Say what you will about Pimax, but at least they try new things and do things that are unique and future thinking.

Oh well, at least they have Viveorrt, which is still amazing btw.

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Is it just me or is VR going backwards?

VR is going backwards because the main investors in it are interested in mobile, showing ads, and mining your data.

Last year the most innovative thing that Facebook did for VR was to the change the name to Meta.

Pimax is at least innovating the technology and features.
It really says something that during a global economic downturn Pimax’s pricing doesn’t seem insane when compared to this crap. Lol


I do really like the diopter adjustment.
Love to see that on a Pimax HMD.


The only issue is diopter adjustment doesn’t account for astigmatism, which affects 1/3 of people, so a large portion would still need perscription lenses.

I have it myself but I’m keen to see if diopter adjustment by itself would be enough to get like 90% of the way there, or would I have eyestrain. If my arpara 5k ever arrives then I’ll get to try with it and see haha.

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