Vive wrist tracker with PIMAX?

I wonder if the Vive wrist tracker anyhow can work with PIMAX 8KX or above?
Did anyone try to findout if there is a possibility? Seems more convenient than the Vive Trackers (V3)

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Why wouldn’t they ^^ ?

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@RaiN274 I would like to hear an answer instead of a rhetorical trick to push the question back to me.

To others, who may have experience, would You like to share?
It seems to be bound to the headset, But I don´t really know, it´vague on Vive´s homepage

I think it’s fair to assume that since the 8KX being a LH compliant device, it should work with any LH trackers but maybe @hammerhead_gal can find out.

thanks, that´s clear so far.
But are the Vive Wrist Tracker LH compatible?
I only read about connection to Vive headset, moreover I found yesterday:
on VRCompare more details
6 DoF Outside-In, Contains IMU and marker LEDs visible to headset

  • This accessory is only compatible with specific VR headsets.
    here we go, for Vive Focus et cetera only, no LightHouse integration function mentioned.
    not useful for PIMAX, as far as I can see.

Looking at a couple of vids it does seem this tracker isn’t LH but a system used in Vive Focus 3…

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OK, now confirmed, closed

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