VIVE FOCUS 3 Reviews

It seem everyone is loving the Vive Focus 3

Review: HTC Vive Focus 3 Review: The Best VR Headset You Don’t Want | Tom's Hardware

Dev from Climby:

Streaming works well:

I may as well get one

  1. Same lenses as Vive Pro 2, which have bad glare and sweetspot

  2. What resolution is the wireless PCVR streaming at? Is it any better than streaming via Quest 2? We need to know what kind of streaming tech is being used.

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Not sure. as it doesn’t cover it. The problem is that not enough people that have them make videos. Thinking of getting one.

In Taiwan they go for about 1, 150

Is wireless streaming even available?

I was under the impression it was only via tether for now and wireless announced for an unspecified future date.

The Dev on the video above stated: I think this has it running at 1768x1768 or something per eye wireless , but the streaming supports up to 2048x2048 per eye right now. But more compression the higher the resolution

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MRTV went into more detail on the pcvr tethering in his review. Basically he said the wired was great but the wireless had stuttering and isn’t up to par with oculus quest airlink, at least not yet

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The Dev on a reply stated that is on a beta state and being worked on currently. Maybe view firmware update can improve.

Seems Sebastian now likes the wireless streaming

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