Vive DAS with pimax 5k+

Just get Vive DAS and attach it as MRTV recommend, but not use the vive holder on the top. I use hard paper to make the holder because the strap is too wide.

Although I use the small fov, I still can see the distortion because the face pad is too thin (11.5 mm.) and the DAS is too fit. Try to use vr cover face pad (16 mm.), distortion look worse. So I think 13 mm. may is better.

The headset is good when I want to lay my head to the chair while I can’t do by mixed reality headset because it has too thickness. I hope pimax will consider about this too.

p.s. I solve issue by add more foam at the back.

After I test with my son (4 years old), this is too loose and I need to use vr cover instead (16 mm., but I can’t use this because distortion).
And need to paste more velcro at the behide like vive pro vr cover.

vive, thicker version.

@anon74848233 , @Sean.Huang This is a good option to make the headstrap to be fit for children while we can’t change the face pad thickness sometimes (make more distortion).



Awesome. I used to by those dishwashing sponges from Tesco lotus rama 3 hahah. Only 20 baht


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4 year old? They say it’s not good for children under 12 to use vr headsets cause their eyes are still adjusting. And for pimax it’s even worse because even normal people get cross eyed while wearing the pimax…

Not sure, but he can play normally with the lowest ipd, if it is blur he will tell that it is blur.

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