Vive DAS+Pimax Cloth strap

I’m not sure if this was ever tried with the Pimax(brought up here), but I remember someone using both the Vive DAS and the cloth strap with the Vive. I tried this when it was ‘discovered’ but didn’t notice much of a difference in comfort. I recently tried this with the Pimax, and I will definitely be keeping it this way. It may look like the ‘comfort mod’, but the cloth strap back loop(wire loop) sits on the forehead making it fit like a hat and is much more comfortable(then DAS, haven’t tried comfort mod straps).
I know this is late in life cycle and we have the MAS coming soon, but I had to share this.


There was this cushion mod but your method has the advantage of being free and already included with the headset.

EDIT: Specifically, the basic strap is free. Obviously, the DAS isn’t free.

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I’ve seen the comfort mod(mentioned the similarity), but yes the free option is nice though(had to dig around for it though :laughing:) I’m planning on making(printing) loops for the side straps as they currently sit at the adjustable section of the DAS(not necessary though)