Vive DAS on Pimax?!?

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How did you get the Vive DAS onto the Pimax? Is it comfortable and worth doing?
The flimsy Pimax strap sucks, and I wish it felt more like my Vive Pro.

Hi Mike. In this thread

Theres a guy 3d printing adaptors

Really… didnt know that

Thanks for that

Mike there is also a poor man’s custom delux strap. Wuite comfortable

Today i combined one of my 8k with my DAS with the help of a bit of velcro.
Well: It is soooo much better. Everybody who has a DAS should use it with his pimax.

I did try the 8k with the strap and headphones of the 4k, but that did not work out for me.
Yes, it was easy to mount, but the position of the headphones was way to high and i could not manage to adjust it to my liking.

The DAS modded 8k is for all the games i like to play with hand controllers.
The other one is on my simrig with the simple headstrap and the in ear headphones of the orig. Vive. If it feels not comfy for longer racing i will mod a secong DAS on it.


Just another method …


Love the clayman animation. Awesome DIY solution

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