Vision Flickering/After Images and Strange Headset Drift on Brand New headset. Anyone Experienced this? Help?

I bought a Pimax5kPlus and I have not had it for more than a month or so and already it seems to be having problems with this weird Flickering it occurs in the default environment with the rocks and the planets as weird terrain artifacting/ Z fighting and then when I launch a game it will happen on the edges of my vision instead and if I open the Steam VR Menu it becomes more aggressive and starts flickering what I believe is an after image of just before opening the steam VR menu. It will flicker between the ingame image and the steam VR menu. There is also a Drift issue where the headset seems to dip at a curved disorienting angle as if it is momentarily losing tracking. There is nothing covering the headset and it is perfectly visible between both valve index base stations with no obstructions. I have never dropped the headset or damaged it and this headset is brand new I haven’t owned it for more than a month. I am up to date with the latest PiTools according to the software. Has anyone else encountered similar problems and if so what were your fixes?


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Make sure you are using Pitool 261, latest SteamVR, latest Nvidia drivers and Windows patching etc…

I would try the following:
In Pitool - disable parallel projections and FFR, disable motion smoothing, switch FOV to normal, refresh rate to 90Hz. Restart steamVR and Pitool service after the changes.

Test your software again and see if same issue persists. Also test with other apps like The Lab and see if the same issues occur there. You didn’t list your hardware specifications so unknown if any of that plays a role in your issue.

On the drift issue you could disable the lighthouses entirely and see if the issue persists. But I would guess it’s a reflection somewhere or a LH positioning issue. You could try switching your USB ports on the headset itself and see if that resolves.


looks like cable issue to me , try unplug and plug again headset DP cable , sometimes gets loose


Any resolve to your issues?

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So far no I have not resolved the problem

I have tried to make sure the cable is secured entering the PC, It does not appear that the end of the cable entering the headset is removable like the Oculus CV1 headset I know can remove the cable from the headset, the 5k plus seems to be built into the headset.

The headset cable is removable. I had to do it to replace my defective cable.

It takes a lot of force to dislodge it. I was worried I might break it. Remove the facepad. Grip the cable firmly near the headset. Pull firmly, while gently pressing up and down, left and right on the cable attachment point. Once it loosens a bit, less force is required. If you’re only trying to reseat the connector, it just needs to come out a few mm before you can push it back into place.

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Following the steps here beginning at disabling parallel projects FFR and motion smoothing did it
and going back to 90hz. I moved it up to 120hz before. I don’t see the flickering anymore in games
There’s still a little Z fighting in the default environment with the planets but I just think that environment behaves weird for other reasons idk. I have to test and see if the drift is still there with more play but so far so good.

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Thanks for the Pings

Fortunately it seems I didn’t have to do that the settings recommended by PimaxUSA fixed it.
I just have been really concerned about cables now because I just got out of a situation where I had an Oculus CV1 for 2 years and the cable finally went bad and caused the vision to spasm and give out alot after a while and the cable wasn’t replaceable because it was out of production I try to avoid cable tension if possible


The cable seems pretty sturdy. The problem mostly seems to be insufficient QA, so cables have been shipped with defects. My initial cable had an intermittent “snow” problem, but Pimax replaced it within a month.

My new cable has been problem-free for 15 months. I try to be very careful with it, but I’ve accidentally rolled my chair over it a few times. Hopefully, your cable will last at least until you decide to upgrade your headset.

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I also have a lot of drift @65 hz mode. Thats pitool issue becouse at 90 hz is fine.
@120 hz I see more distortions and jitter . I wonder when they finally makes this to 2 modes more usable becouse right now I can play only at 90 and 144 with SM. Now I’m thinking that the team is to small to handle all software/firmware versions.

5k+ 204 here. @PimaxUSA

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