Vision 8K plus Vs 8K X watching movies

Hello there, thinking to make my upgrade, my question is
watching video, movies (flat screen,180, 360, 3D, 4K) in terms of quality video, black level, crisp and so on, are there considerable differences which would justify the Vision 8K X vs 8K plus?
May be in the game yes but my target is 40% game and 60% movies or video
Balance is around 300$
What do You think?
In my case, it’s worth the “risk”?
Moreover, I have an Intel I9 9900k with the RTX 2080 will be enough for the 8K X or better if the 300$ goes for the incoming 3080?
Thanks in advance for any possible comment and suggestions.

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The 8kX has the ability to run Native 4k or Upscale mode.

Your setup should be good to run either. And by having both options the 8kX will give you better scalability when you do choose to upgrade GPU.


Why save $300 after spending ~$2k on computing hardware and get about half the visual quality on anything?

Yes, an i9-9900k and RTX 2080 is enough that you will sorely regret not having the better headset. Especially when the next release of graphics cards makes it cheaper for you to upgrade to a RTX 2080 Ti equivalent.

Risk? I am writing this post in VirtualDesktop through a Pimax Vision 8kX. It exists.


Cool :sunglasses: - cant wait to see the 8K X Image. Ist time for some new cool VR Desktops that use all the potential of Virtual Space :slight_smile:


Make sure you see my thread on VR Desktops in the 8kX. The screenshots I have may not be through the lens, but they are pixel-for-pixel what is on the displays, and since every pixel is visible, it’s a pretty good impression.


Thanks for the tips “mirage335”
i’ll go for the X.

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