Vision 5k Super questions

so i noticed that the Vision 5k Super got released the other day and i am so tempted to buy it, but i have some questions.
would the sde on the 5k super be about the same, more or less than my current Artisan?
does the 5k super have usb 3.0 wiring inside of it so that i can actually use the eye tracking? or is it still 2.0?
is the smaller fov of 180 hrtz roughly the same or larger than the artisan’s fov?
and finally do you think it would be a worth upgrade to go from the artisan to the 5k super?
thanks so much for your help!

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Good question.
I dont know anyone who had eyes in it, they might have some new panels so SDE is probably different.
If the same SDE as the previous ones I am not sure it worth the upgrade from an Artisan.
The FoV is surely wider though.
No idea about the USB, according the price I dont think so…

Actually I didnt know it was released, I just discovered it after your message lol.


i was mainly looking at the higher hrtz because i get motion sick from the 120 on the artisan haha so ive been eyeing the 5k super for a while lol, and dang it about the usb i was really hoping that it was 3.0 its hard to develop things for eye tracking if you cant use eye tracking XD


Thats another story then and so upgrade might have to be considered in any case yes, as long as you have a pretty solid GPU.


i mean i got a 2070 super but plannin on upgrading to a 3080 once those are in stock lol

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Me too I have question about this new headset.

I saw that the FOV was 170 instead of 200 @180HZ but what FOV can we get at 160 - 144 and 120 HZ ?

With my current 5K+ I do like my 120HZ with 170 FOV mode for simracing but I would like even better a 200 FOV at 120HZ if my RTX3090 could handle it…

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Not sure about this, but it might be you get motion sick because of:

  1. Tracking issue with micro jitter/judder

  2. Optical setup not perfect

If the vertical offset is not perfect you can get barrel distortions in the center or over the complete FOV and misalignment of how the world looks and your brains expects it to look when moving your head.

If the horizontal offset is not perfect you might see wrong world scale or look at objects at a familiar distance (like you know from real world) but the convergence of your eyes does not match.

All these things can be very subtle and induce motion sickness. I doubt that 120 Hz is not enough to prevent it if everything else is tuned in fine.

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