VirtualLink™ USB-C Adapter for Pimax?

Valve, alongside their Valve Index headset, are selling an adapter to allow the DisplayPort, USB, and power to be converted to a VirtualLink™ USB-C connector.

This would be hugely beneficial for me, as plugging in the power cable is difficult as I don’t have any sockets nearby.

Do you think the Pimax 8K would work with Valve’s adapter @PimaxUSA ? If not, do you think Pimax will release their own solution?


Unfortunately I do not believe it will work. It looks like the Index adapter works with the breakaway connector built into the Index’s cable. I do wish Pimax or some other company would built an adapter like the one that was built for the Rift.

@PimaxUSA you listening?

I asked that question back in February, they said they are looking into possible using usb-c as well at the time