(Video) Re-run of Pimax 8KX Through-The-Lens photo comparison

Meanwhile Im working on other videos, I think many of you still havent seen these, as I only included them last time in the Pimax Day2 stream. So I thought I should just do a separate video for these shots. Its through-the-lens photos and at the end, a video of 8KX in Assetto Corsa through the lens.

The photo comparison is between: Pimax 8KX, Pimax 8K+ Pimax, 8K, Pimax 5K+, Valve Index, HP Reverb v1 & HTC Vive


Very interesting to see this! I was especially surprised how little SDE the index has in comparison to 8Kx / 8K+ , in this video. But yet, when you actually have them on, there is still a big difference…

“Disclaimer: I work for Pimax, but I do YouTube videos on my own as an VR enthusiast, and doing videos is not a part of my job or tasks at work.”

Thank you!

Good work with the dimensions and distances!

Great work as it’s certainly not easy to sharply focus on individual pixels in a through the lens photo. Each of those photos is indeed focused right down to the pixel level.

On the colors/contrast I thought this photo from Tyriel Woods was a decent example of the new lcd panel tech:


Great to hear that it’s not just a variation in the setup when taking the shots! :wink:

BTW - Noticed it immediately too:


Correct me if I am wrong but in this video you said “available right after the Chinese New Year” right ?

Well it starts to ship right after CNY, first to backers of course.


Very good news.
Do you know if they are sent with or without the MAS?
I am not a X backer but I know this will interest many people, backers or not.

As far as I know the first batch is without MAS, as long as each backer agrees on getting the MAS later and just the headset now.


Watching the Asetto Corsa video, make sure to take a good look at the fence going by. That is one of the strengths of the headset. Unfortunately though, that video does not do justice to the experience of being able to read the car’s dashboard usefully in the Pimax Vision 8kX.

@SweViver Can you get some high Total SR through-the-lens photos of the Hornet AMPCD? I feel this would be one of the most instructive comparisons possible.


Left to right: 8KX, Reverb and 8K+, from the first video.

Can it be that the SDE lines of 8K+ (and more in the case of 8KX) get lightened by the light of the adjacent pixels or by the camera?
The SDE appears to be fading in the lighter areas.


I see slightly inconsistent results regarding this exact effect, most showing slightly better from the 8kX, a few showing slightly better from the Reverb. If I had an HP Reverb, I would be able to make a solid determination, but I think this is due to the limitations of through-the-lens photos.

My thinking thus far has been that the larger FOV and probably much better lenses of the Pimax Vision 8kX, makes it a much better choice, except for the minority of users who have an unusual IPD and such.


I am amazed Marcin could take such sharp and consistent macro images at all – some softness here and there, beyond what is inherent to to HMD, is more than forgiveable, I think. :7

As was established when he first shared these pictures, though, they are to be taken to give an idea of the characteristics and rough dimensions of the pixel structure, and not as an indication of image quality: The closeup on the face of Skyrim’s Lydia-the-housecarl, in particular, shows extremely clearly that something is wrong with how things were rendered to the Reverb, when the pictures were shot, showcasing 2x2 pixel blocks, rather than making use of the resolution of the displays.

Going just by screen bitmap size to FOV ratio, without thinking too much about magnification levels, and screen utilisation, the Reverb should have a slight edge in resolution over the 8kX, which actually seems consistent with the pictures, although it can’t be easy to get the camera in there with the exact same zoom levels etc, and although I haven’t actually sat down and counted pixels in the pictures. :7
I’ll happily give up a little bit of resolution for FOV. :slight_smile:


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