Video Judder/Srudder?

Did PT .249 fixed the issue?

This will likely have a fix possibly in next pitool release. 249 was released as a quick fix for a compatibility issue with 5k+ serial 204.

Please discuss here as report bugs is for details only.


Is there a timeline on next release, not holding them too it just want to understand if there has been anything mention.


I haven’t heard anything as of yet. But imagine likely after CES a new version might be out prior to CNY.

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Figured as much, lets hope we (pimax) have a good CES. We are all rooting for their success.


@Heliosurge, assuming there is no word about the issue in the latest beta (, I assume it does not fix it.

Is Pimax able to reproduce the issue? Do they need some additional info? What is the status? I am worried that they are simply ignoring it.


I was about to write the same…
There is no mention about the stutter issue in the release notes for Pitool 253, when is Pimax going to fix this issue ?

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It’s getting past a joke now if it isn’t fixed.

@Alex.liu mentioned implementing gpu utilization slider. The release notes don’t have much info at all.

I believe that we came to the point where Pimax should make an official comment on the issue and explain what is the problem and when they will fix it, or why they cannot fix it. It is apparently present in all PiTools after v144 and is blocking many people from upgrading to the newer versions. It does not matter if the new version has new features if I cannot use it.


Ok, I might have something that might help.
I have ASUS parts. I did multiple things. I set AURA Sync in the Armoury Crate to Dark and deselected the Addressable header in Sync devices. Then I installed ASUS GPU Tweak2 and switched to OC mode with Always 3D Clock on.

It seems to fix the problem. (Compatability mode did not)
I’m gonna look into what exactly fixed it more closely later, but this might help one or two people here. I’m gonna play a bit now.


Ok. I played now the evening with the new update. Seemingly it is not the ASUS GPU Tweak2 changes that did it but the changes within the armory crate. Unfortunately 120HZ still does not work. The screen just goes black if I switch to that option. But at least it shows the option now. One step at a time I guess.

Unfortunately I still cannot use the update. I 've discovered that with the new update it will give the showings on screen a big jolt (picture jumps around) whenever a mirror comes into view. I mostly play vrchat and there are mirrors everywhere. I’m really getting annoyed by this now. So close and still there is the issue.

Dear Pimax team, if you’re reading this, could you (if you have not already tested this) give us the option in PiTool to disable whatever you did for the versions after 144? I think I read that the change you made is to increase gpu utilisation. My (addmittedly uninformed) guess is that this is causing the problem for us. I hope we could test that for you.

Mine is a 202 serial number headset.
8700k + GTX1070

Can some users who have this problem too maybe tell me how far apart your lighthouses are? I’ve noticed that my OG Vive complains that my 1.0 lighthouses are 1 meter too far apart. My Pimax never seemed to have a problem with that. It’s just a guess that this might cause it. Do you all use 1.0 lighthouses too? How far apart are they?


I’d like to install the PiTool v144 since this seems to be the only solution to this problem at the moment. But the download link for Pitool v1.0.1.144 BETA FW 212 at is broken. Is there anywhere else that I can download PiTool v144?

I can google drive the installer late tonight. Please fix this Pimax… I’ve been enjoying .144 but it’s very frustrating to wait 6-7 months for a proper fix.

.180 on I see frametimes of like 9 ms with games like asgards wrath, but the stuttering ruins immersion. .144 I’m at like 15 ms but at least it’s smooth enough to play

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Yes they do need to fix the other links. For now this should work.

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Good News!

The team has snuck a new pitool release out. I will make it live in approximately 4-5hrs. On the Road atm and need to review before posting.

Fair WARNING release marked ALPHA.

2 releases Pitool that improves stutter issue (not necessarily solves).

And special Firmware to unlock serial 2026’s 110hz - Firmwarw for ONLY 5K+ SERIAL 202 DONOT USE ON ANY OTHER HEADSET MODEL!!!


Thanks for the update!

How risky is it trying this alpha version of the PiTool? Does it update the firmware for 203/204 5K+ headsets?

As long as it doesn’t brick the headset, I would be interested in trying it.

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The special firmware is a separated link. So should be fine to install the new pitool as the the 202 firmware requires a manual install.

To play it safe simply copy the p2.dfu file from pitool\dfudriver directory.

Alpha just means the pitool hasn’t had any thorough testing.


So… will the 2026 headsets not support 120fps? Will I have to make due with 110fps? It wouldn’t be too bad if I didn’t have already 3 dead pixels with my headset. I bought mine full price. :frowning:
I like the product, but there’s just so many issues.

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That is correct. Serial 2026 does not support 120hz. Just 110hz.

For Dead pixels fill out a support ticket.