Video Cards 20xx Shipping started

Shipping has started.
Physical Shipment
Model Number:900-1G180-2500-000
Serial Number: 03xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tracking Number: 74xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Delayed for us ti users.:cry:


I hope the testers who ordered get the ti cards before a majority of us choose which headset to receive. It could be the ticket to making the 8K better than the 5K. All we can do is wait.

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Oh how I would love to have the money. 1000+ € for a GPU would just pulverice my budget. :sweat_smile:

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The 1/8 framerate loss was enough to cause me to switch.

What 1/8th framerate loss are you referring to?

the reason why the 8k runs at 80 fps is dude to the lag introduced by the upscaler.(90-80)/90 = 1/9 frame loss dude to the process. Thats not bad, and according to the reviews they didnt notice a difference. So pimax did a great job with it. I’m just a frame rate junky… so… i dont want any loss :slight_smile:

Nvidia delayed the shipping date to 27Th September, one week later.

Maybe the 5K should have used the panels from the Razer Phone (2560x1440 at up to 120 Hz).

Yeah, but these guys are all about keeping the cost down. so… i wasnt expecting the best display.2