Version 4 prototype release date?

I posted this in r/Pimax also…

I’m curious as to when version 4 will be released and who will get to test it. What changes will be made to the headset/software/hardware/internals as by then some of the variables would start to be nailed down.



Bump. It would be nice to get an updated timeline on each component, hmd, controllers, base stations, headstrap

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Id also like to know when the projected date is for prototype 4. And definitely would like to hear from them as we havent heard anything since the actual kickstarted completed.
How’s it going guys?

Maybe we need to like some pimax stuff on this post so we can get some
Replies from them ?

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I think they are taking a well deserved weekend to get some rest after the hectic weeks leading up to the end of the Kickstarter.

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Yeah they are usually not around the forums on Sunday (they deserve a break), but an update on the next prototype should be priority number one (if they want to make good on their “transparency promise”).

They are going to need to get this next prototype out fast if they have any hope of meeting the January ship date.

What about using something like this:

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They should one hundred percent use trello and let us all vote on features. That’s brilliant. I hope they see that.

BUMP, answer is needed