Venture beat: Pimax 8K VR headset delayed again, refresh rate drops to 80Hz

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This is motivation to prove them wrong!

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I do see Venturebeat is behind in info. We all have been aware of the current 80hz peak at present. Though hopefully @anon23564932 will let us know if tgey explored your idea of 2x1080p input at 90hz.



Headset estimated for Q2, still estimated for Q2, where’s the delay? :wink:

I’d reluctantly accept that option for 90Hz, but it adds some weight and inconvenience. I’m still hoping that they can find an alternate solution, given the delays due to the lenses.


It’s a digital signal, there’s no reason why you couldn’t switch between the two in software.

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While that’s probably true, why would you (1) ever want to run at 80Hz and (2) once you’ve connected 2 cables, why would you go to the trouble of unconnecting/reconnecting them?

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Sad but true. It’s only 80 Hz and I do not think it will ever change. Maybe in a second generation of Pimax headsets.

What I’d be counting on, to make it better, is the “Brainwarp”, which strangely is a dead subject here, on the part of Pimax


It would be great if Brainwarp actually works, but I have more doubts about that than the headset.


Why not a modular controller chip (what ever is responsible for screen refresh rate on the HMD) with which, when a newer solution becomes available, the users can take out the old controller and drop in the new?

Pimax 8K is supposedly meant to be a modular design and it is the controller chip on the HMD driving the screens that is the bottleneck. So my understanding is.

It’s all about cost effectiveness it seems. They want to max out all kinds of inferior hardware to keep the cost low and specs high for sales. Sell 8K but put in 2x4K, sell 90 Hz but only get close. Sell Q1 but deliver Q1 next year. I don’t care much anymore as I’ve come to learn this is just how China does products it seems. I thought Pimax was doing it differently but nope.

I am all for fair criticism of the push back in the delay, but why link an article which has incorrect information in other areas? Mixing fact and fiction breeds misinformation, you posting this is only going to result in more ill-informed questions pushed to PIMAX representatives. I don’t think you picked a good source when there are better alternatives available. Just my two cents.


I hope it works because otherwise we will have a headset at 80 Hz only,

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What is incorrect? It is 80hz. Not everyone’s following the day to day updates, to be fair the Kickstarter did say 75/90hz

It’s pushing the past developments as the present.

I thought it was 83hz solid.

It was. They sort of just went back to saying 80hz I guess. The reason the article says “dropped” to 80hz is because the Kickstarter said 90.