Velocity One Yoke ..Anyone pre order?

I tried but apparently they don’t ship to Canada.

Man - I was so disappointed to not get one today. Apparently there is no Turtlebeach Canada website anymore?!

Anyone have any luck?

Yeah, every time i clicked the link to go to the Canada website it took me back to US.

I made a shipto account so that i could get it shipped here, but by the time i got back to the cart it sold out.

I had a honeycomb alpha yoke, great yoke, but i just didnt use it (i fly heli’s mainly) so i sold it.

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Yeah, I’m wondering if I only want it because of FS2020.

I think it could end up being a hassle to swap my wheel with the yoke every time.

But man that Yoke is so fully featured.

Used to use a CH yoke for driving with CH pedals in “car mode” back in the game port days (before usb). Broke 2 of them playing intense racing sessions. That was before steering wheels were available.
Now I fly mostly helos and aerobatic prop jobs so all stick for me,

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I’ve got a Fulcrum yoke. Quite pricey, but just a different feel to it than the light plastic feel of the Saitek yoke, and a much better range of movement. I just got started with using it but so far I really like it. Only setting up the complete set I have (+ Honeywell Bravo quadrant, Saitek rudder pedals) in MSFS has proven quite tedious, with some weird interactions (although i did check for conflicting allocations)… but I fear it is more the Bravo quadrant because I had problems with the combination with my old Saitek yoke too.

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looks like people are starting to get them now

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