VAT TAX reminder email from Pimax legal departments

Received one of those today in my email.

Problem is that, I’ve already paid it, replied email to let Pimax know it’s paid, and how it was paid.

Can’t say I feel pleased as previous communications seem to have went into a blackhole and things have escalated towards legal team.

All those are unnecessary, and no one would appreciate the slight threatening approach it’s heading.

All pimax had to do was train the staffs who send the email to also read the email.

Edit: everything is cleared up, after some email reading :slightly_smiling_face:


I got the same thing and they keep harassing me with it, and i keep telling them I payed to Fedex and to please check with them.
So idid also pay Fedex right after the delivery. I got a weblink to pay the bill with my creditcard. And now i have to proof to a Chinese company that i pay my Dutch VAT. It’s a hassle and a very nasty customer expierence, but i will proof it.
Why didn’t Pimax tell with the purchage that we must VAT via Pimax? Then i hadn’t payed Fedex wich i did see as a normal duty to pay the Tax…


I’ve paid through pimax makeup the difference link, heck, it’s an order in my order page they could have 1) read the replied email 2) check their system, and all this none sense could be avoided.

Now I hope they get the memo that I do not wish to be double taxed when pimax sends out the DMAS to me. Because that tax is already paid, along with shipping cost.

Unbelievable and you even payed it to them. It’s still a mess with customer service i think it even gotten worse.
Another thing, they finally just send a basestation and handtracking after a few Years and managed to send it an unknown adress, while my adress is known and verified on my account.
I have had it with Pimax at the moment.

I anticipated it could be messy if I paid to FedEx as I originally intended, and thought paying to pimax would be the safest way for my payment to be acknowledged :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: and yet here we are.

The staffs could pay more attention to this, no one likes to be contacted by any legal department :rofl::rofl:

yeah it’s very friendly to get a mail from the legal department especially when your a loyal supporter from the kickstarter time.
(edit) and treathening that they won’t send future and ordered products.
Good job Pimax, well done what made you think i would buy from you again?
It really feels they trust you while they themselves don’t have their act together obviously. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Today I received Fedex invoices for taxes I’ve already paid…
Submitted a ticket to fedex about this (I had Fedex hotline on the phone), waiting for answer.


Hi Ludiks, same for me, I had to ask Pimax to refund me taxes and wait to pay TVA directly to FEDEX. Solved now. I think Pimax did a mistake in their customs declaration…

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lol I received a third one today, I had to provide proof that I paid for them.
Fedex is just a mess.

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For me it was the same but send from pimax, i send them a receipt of my payment to Fedex, it is accepted with apologies it was a sytem mistake that came up repeatedly. I think the same is happening to you.

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