Valve new Steam console - Pimax on the right way with Pimax Portal

I stumbled over this article from TweakTown, “Valve concept testing new Steam console prototypes for couch PC play
We have as well Peakdo and others driving in that direction.
So there are other companies going this pathway as well.
The other post about the Sharp as Head Set component supplier shows there is movement.
That´s promising and kind of evidence Pimax is on the right pathway with it´s own environment. I like the competition.


I only realized it after the road-show that Portal is actually a game-changer.
It has

  • Decent VR quality. The picture is on par or better than Quest 2, and it has changeable lens.
  • The convenience of mobile gaming. The whole set occupies very little space, and you can choose just bringing the tablet on the road. If the headset is foldable, that will be even better.
  • Good gaming hardware with physical sticks and buttons.
  • Versatile applications. Besides being a VR player, it can be home theater movie center, bed room game player, or even a car recorder. Sky’s the limit.

So I am looking forward for the further development of Pimax Portal. See how well it will do. Who knows? Maybe it will turn into a “Quest killer” or “Pico Killer”.


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