Valve Launches Half-Life: Alyx Workshop And Community Development Tools

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

Let the modding begin :sunglasses:


This is very cool. I’ve made maps and a few mods for Doom, Quake, Quake 2, Half-Life, and Half-Life 2. I even built what was going to be our custom-built home (from the blueprints) in Source2, complete with a physics-based porch swing. Unfortunately, the recession hit and I wasn’t able to afford the new house anymore, but I still own the land (10 acres of forest).

I don’t have VR controllers yet, so I won’t attempt anything with these tools until I’ve actually played Half-Life: Alyx.


And don’t forget to use the performance enhancement provided by Vulkan:

Depending on the system you have, you may experience better performance using Vulkan, especially if that system is close to the minimum specifications. To test Vulkan on Windows, open the Half-Life: Alyx main menu and choose Options > Performance > Advanced (gear icon) > Rendering API (You will need to restart the game for the rendering API change to take effect).


I’m trying to figure out if Vulkan is worth using on new Nvidia cards? I can see that it’s very good for AMD and old Nvidia cards, but little obvious benchmarking for new stuff

Edit as far as I can tell, it’s a little bit better. I’ll try it on HLA and Doom


This will be great. Enjoyed so many great mod levels in the earlier games. Can’t wait to see what people come up with for this. Having played ALYX 3 times, it’s gotten a little redundant.
I especially would like to see more weapons and their modding earlier in play. Just when weapons (what few there are) start to get sophisticated the game is over.

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It looks like it would be a simple matter to add a bunch more rosin to gather in the early levels, so you can upgrade your weapons sooner. It might then be a good idea to boost the number of monsters or make them extra tough.

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I find it only 2-3 fps diff on a 1080ti running all Ultra, but shadows high (can’t see a diff on the shadows myself). Vulkan does look better imo. With DX, I run solid 72 @72Hz. With Vulkan 69-72 fps but still smooth as silk. I use Vulkan. PT 1, Normal, PP, on. no Smooth, 72Hz, SVR 100% No smoothing or reprrojection.


Thanks good to know. I found Doom had switched over to Vulkan already. I might have changed it and forgotten hehe, or less likely, the Geforce tool made the change. I rarely run that though.


Haven’t tried Vulkan API in HL-Alyx yet, but In general Vulkan is much lighter than DX and can use the resources of the GFX card much better. The first title tha really shines on Vulkan API was DOOM (as you stated as well) :slight_smile:
Running a 1080Ti here :slightly_smiling_face: still enjoying it’s capabilities, waiting for the 3080Ti


Sure that’s what I heard but couldn’t find much benchmarking to support that for newer cards, was just curious!

im not sure where real life ends and the virtual one begins in your statement…


Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference! :rofl:


Considering how well Alyx is optimized, and how good interaction with objects is, I am really looking forward to community gems based on this platform. I am sure we’ll get things we don’t even imagine to be possible out of this, not necessarily just maps or new things, whole new games. And they just added Vulkan! This is just awesome.


I assume the vulcan doesnt save us from having to use PP mode for the eye mismatch on the decals or pop-in at the right edge?

ha, i came here to say, maybe someone can mod out the need to use PP.


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