Valve Knuckles EV3 are here!

Hot news from this morning. The Knuckles EV3 are shipping to developers and were improved based on feedback. Valve expects more feedback and will continue iterating.

Pimax should be aware of all this and base their controller design on what is actually being done by others, shipping out a definite amount, waiting for feedback and improving their design based on those. I will gladly be a part of the controller beta-testers if there is ever such a thing.


With respect by “here” you mean developers have been given another one. So it could still be years for something that has frankly taken ridiculously long. They’re here when I can order them online. :wink:


5k+ vs 8k.

stick vs trackpad.

Noooooo, we don’t want to choose again. Make the only one please.

Why does pimax even need customer controllers?? As much as I like the look of the pimax “Humming Bird” controllers I can’t help but feel they’re a waste of time and money when the knuckles are clearly going to be the new standard going forward. Creating a clone of them is pointless imo, can’t pimax just redistribute knuckles instead?

I actually like the dual stick trackpad on my Samsung Odyssey… but I think it’s too late for Pimax to change their mind this late in the game and make only one… heck, I purchased both stick and trackpad controllers in my pledge… Pimax would have to give me a refund!

I’d rather see innovation with their lighthouses because that’s an area where no one else has done anything cool yet.

They will send to developer in Q1 and send us in Q2, I think they still have time to think about this except they don’t want to do it.

I ever though I will buy both of them too except knuckle is better.

I meant too late in that this is what they promised in Kickstarter. Besides… do we have a firm commitment date from Valve when they will make their knuckle controllers available to consumers? I haven’t seen that date myself. At the time I couldn’t decide which was better so that’s why I bought both sets.

Still no release date.

I suspect that if pimax make 2 version of controller, it will compatible with knuckle demo with have both function or not.

Yea… that’s a big problem. Pimax can’t wait on Valve to make their HMD’s complete. It sucks, because I got this feeling I’m going to end up purchasing the valve controllers anyway but I would be real annoyed if I got my Pimax HMD and a year later was waiting for Valve to release the controller because Pimax changed their minds. I don’t want to purchase VIVE controllers and if I had to wait even longer to use my HMD for the controllers… I would be pissed!!!

They want their part of the profits.
Also, the only official controller so far is HTC wands. Pimax probably prefers to sell their own than one of their competitor.

They have many business clients in China which means mass production and more profits.

Same with the lighthouse, we can’t buy them anywhere else than HTC.

From last update, valve change only some design, but I think pimax can follow some part before.

If pimax not follow the knuckle prototype, I afraid that we will get only new vive wand in different type.

But Pimax already released some details about their controllers… they are knuckle style controllers. Valve has been working on their controllers for a long while now… so I do expect they’ll probably be better than the Pimax controllers once they do come out. But I don’t want to have my Pimax sitting in box waiting for the day Valve finally delivers their controllers.

pimax show their prototype before they will know that knuckle will have both stick and trackpad (they copy the old version), that is problem.

May we will get knuckle with lose some feature, they have to test with the new knuckle demo and be sure that their controller is support all feature, if not, it will not pimax knuckle, but it will be pimax wand.

I can’t wait pimax controller and just buy vive for a set for use the base station and controller. Or we have to play sitting game instead.

I would be shocked at this point if Pimax changed directions again and made the controllers a wand style. I don’t think that will happen and I certainly hope it doesn’t.

That was my original plan until I learned that I’m going to have to upgrade my GPU… GPU and used VIVE certainly would go over my VR budget for the year. For me… GPU upgrade and SIMs until the controllers arrive.

I wait pimax for a year without any headset to play, but have to buy vive before pimax is shipped. Lose a lot of time of “no headset to play”, lol.

Have to upgrade my pc, too. my 1070 is worse than 1060 of my friend becasue bottle neck by cpu.
Use a lot of money in next year. cpu + mainboard + ram + gpu (if choose RTX, may be around $2,000, so much money).

Yea, you paid the price my friend… I purchased the Pimax 4K and the Samsung Odyssey when it came out. When I calculate the 35+ VR apps I purchased and some other devices like WalkOVR, Nolo, gaming controllers, etc… I’ve already spent a small fortune… their’s a limit to what the wife would put up with at my house on my VR hobby…

Sounds like you would be better off just purchasing a whole new VR ready computer…

Nolo is my main headset, lol. Not play too much but test and feedback for a year (both riftcat and nolo).

Nolo can’t be used for 8k, that why I have to buy vive instead.

Sometime, I borrow pimax 4k, oculus go, acer, samsung from friend to test 1-2 weeks per headset.

Are you sure about that? Darn… I was kinda hoping I could use the NOLO in the meantime. That sucks…

Yes, I already ask nolo. Except pimax open their sdk of pitool to use nolo, I think. Maybe not becaue pimax already dev their controller. Last time, pimax survey other controller for 4k (may they will move to ximmerse controller). And pimax focusing on Nolo home for mobile game right now.