Valve Index Controller Thumbstick Starts Malfunction

I got my full kit in a hacky way, so no way to RMA it as they don’t sell it to my country at all.

My left thumbstick started to malfunction about 5 months ago & I was not finding time to fix it.

I aready dissassembled it & fouund this nice guide

I have 4 PS4 controllers, so I guess I will butch one to have nice working thumbsticks without drift & more relible.

Just to share if somebody faces this problem as me. My thumbstick initially lost about 30% of vertical axis movement in both top & bottom direction, then it started to stuck in vertical axis, not it stucks whenever I move it up/down & it’s not possible to play normally at all.

But with good thumbsticks lossing thumbstick sensor (which I never used) is a good solution for me. Maybe controller top custom cap for 3d printing also will be made/fouund.


@MarcoBalletta may have some useful insights on the controller as he has been modding some controllers for hus custom locomotion system.

I did find this

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does the is the ps4 replacement support clicking?

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yes, but not the touch sensor

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they poor quality ones & really cheap,many ppls complain about it, not sure it will last longer than 5 months again & that time I barely touched those controllers as played almost rift games

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i’ve not run into much use of the touch sensor but some menu opening with the click, so that would be more important

looks like the ones you posted are metal ones, so I may try it, thanks for sharing

only ~10$ & those are better quality, will keep my ps controller for guests )


What about this one ?

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It would be interesting to see if the Oculus touch stick might work. I think Marco might have found the part no. For valve’s

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I bought these sticks, they are ideal for Index controllers.

The left thumbstick began to jam along one axis and drift, that is, the movement continues when you release it (forward / backward).
This detail, which is in the black stand, needs to be changed in the thumbstick of the controller so that there is no drift (it is about 3-5mm wide)

I used this fix instruction.
There you just need to replace, no soldering.

Replaced this detail today.
Here comparison are my new and old:

There was no way to check yet, because I sold my Odyssey + and my 8KX hasn’t been sent to me yet, and I don’t even know when it will :slightly_smiling_face:

Alternatively, you can completely re-solder the thumbstick, but that’s a lot of work. Here is a complete video of a successful transplant:


thanks for details, I guess I will resolder those completely, I have soldering station & kapton tape so won’t be a problem


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