Valve index and oculus quest/rift s preorders?

Just out of curiosity how many of us preordered either the Valve Index or the quest or even the rift s? Will it replace your pimax?

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I don’t think Index or Oculus S has much appeal to Pimax users. I ordered Quest and HP Reverb.

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Only a small number of people will get the Index this year. By the end of the week orders will be backed up til 2020

Reverb pre-orders are open??

I did pre-order both the Index as well as Quest.

I’m curious as to how the Index compares to my 5K+ and keen to see Valve’s take on ‘fidelity’ with regards to the entire package. Still, not using 2K per eye panels was a let-down for me personally and I had hoped against hope there would be eye-tracking.

If those speculated screen space utilization numbers regarding the 5K+ are anywhere near correct, the Index might yet be able to offer an increase in perceived optical quality although I’ll be having a hard time decreasing FOV.

The Quest is what I believe will be the first device to offer 6DOF without significant barriers to entry, so I want to get a feel if this is something I’d want to get for my family and friends for Christmas. If Google makes Google EarthVR available for Quest, I will be using it extensively with my teams at work.

Reverb seems to offer a great screen, but no IPD and WMR tracking are a no-go for me as a wide-faced room scale afficionado (I’m sure it’ll be fantastic for sims!).

The same goes for the XTAL. I’m not intimidated by the price but that thing looks bulky as hell, so as always has been the case with most recent VR as a whole, it’s about finding the best compromise of what is currently possible without too much friction imo.


Yes. I preordered Reverb from Amazon.

Waiting to know how good the Quest panels are compared to my Go for watching movies in my bed.
Other than that I think I am done for now with LCD.

I want Index controller, but Valve doesn’t want to sell hardware to Canadian…

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I would have gotten an index if they would have sold me one.

But they don’t.

So ordered an S instead.

Preview of the index

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I think my Pimax is truly amazing for sims like Elite Dangerous. Immersion in VR I have never felt before.

Considering getting a Quest and using it like a console for arcade games (just switch on, wireless, mobile etc). Bit wary of it ending up like some of my other impulse buys ie in a cupboard after a few months - my friend has preordered one so will probably try his before deciding.

I ordered the Quest and Index Controllers. I can’t wait for new controllers. I have Rift games that I don’t want to play right now because the Vive Wands would ruin the experience but I also don’t want to give up the FOV of the Pimax and just use my Rift.

I also can’t wait for my Quest. This is not going to replace my Pimax. I will use them for different games for sure. Also, I will be able to play some multiplayer with friends in some games (OrbusVR) so that’s gonna be awesome.

The Index itself doesn’t really offer anything for me. I like FOV more than refresh rate although I do appreciate the advancements that the Index brings.

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we have not seen lens shots and looked at the fov of the index for now, but i guess the +20° will not be that impressive when you are used to a pimax

the only thing that can replace a 5k+/8k is a XTAL or a StarVR One (if it gets available)

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Pre ordered index and knuckles. I plan on picking up a quest on launch day (I’m assuming Best Buy’s will get them on launch day as they did for the rift and go) I’m pretty excited about the idea of the quest because I can share it with my kids and friends and take it with me on trips. Sure the games won’t be high on visuals but it will be nice to be tethered free again.

One of the reasons I ordered the index is I can’t get the visuals dialed in correctly on my 5k+. It’s just off and frustrating. Love the fov and res though. Will be interesting to see if I can live with the index’s fov but I’m pretty confident I will be able to dial in the optics like I can on my vive

I considered picking it up from Best Buy as well but I’m hoping to get one of the ones where they accidentally had stuff printed on parts inside the Touch controllers and I figured it was more likely to get that if I ordered from Oculus. :nerd_face:

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Preordered the reverb

I ordered the index full kit.
I was getting the controllers anyway.
Who knows when pimax will get the controller’s & basestations to us.
I am really curious about the high refresh rate & what people have said about it giving more presence.
It might be a game changer for me.
I think the headphones/speakers look fab too.
Bit dissapointed about the screens & fov though but ppd might end up better than pimax. Is unclear at the moment.
No wireless :frowning: but then neither has my pimax’s
As someone who still uses vive pro along side my pimax i can live with the fov if other things are better.
Im just hoping for a very polished easy experience from the hardware & software.
At this point i want something similar to pimax without all the trouble.

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I preordered the controller and the index.

Disappointed… i was hoping for a reasonably priced Knuckles + lighthouses set to replace Nolo. 617 euros is 217 euros too much so i’ll have to look for alternatives from Pimax or second hand Vive sets.

I preordered the Index full kit though I was originally going to get just the controllers. Decided to because as much as I like my Pimax 8K it just can’t play some games even with a 2080 Ti. I have also thought about picking up an Oculus Quest but I’ll probably wait until its actually in stores so I can check it out first.