Vader Immortal Episode 1, Longplay, French (Eng SubTitles) + How to run it with REVIVE + Ep.2

Not sure where is the best to post this, in my review post or here…oh well I will do both.
First, how to run it (the others episodes also) with a REVIVE on a Pimax :
Instruction how to make it work on a Pimax with Revive :

  1. Go to the Revive directory, for example “\ Program Files \ Revive \ Revive \ x64”

  2. Copy the contents of this directory next to the exe of the game “\ WKND \ Binaries \ Win64”

  3. Drag “ReviveInjector” on the exe of the game to launch it.

If controllers does not works:

  1. Go to the \ AppData \ Roaming \ Revive directory and copy the INPUT directory to \ AppData \ Local \ Revive

To find the Appdata directory, type %appdata% in the windows taskbar.



Who had dark colours in Vader Immortal ? I just played through the first Episode with my pimax xr and I couldnt see vader well because it was simply too dark in my hmd . Colours were set to default. High graphics preset , pi tool render 1.0 and large fov.

Yes it is actually very dark, too much.

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So perhabs same case as defector :confused:
Are Episode 2 and 3 also as dark as the first one ?

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Second is even worse :frowning: Most of action is in a cave :bat:


Damn :frowning: It seems I need an oculus with that horrible fov -.-

there is an easy fix on YT somewhere.
You basically edit gamma settings from one of vader immortal files, as especially episode 2 was very dark.


Thank you :slight_smile: I might use this for the third episode :smirk:

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Second part :slight_smile:

I translated the french parts in english, as usual

And the english parts in french, basically the whole game ^

Did the fix help you with the dark colours ?

Actually, I took notice of the fix after recording and uploading this :confused: That is why I was talking about the third episode.

I wonder how you could see anything in that cave :smiley:
Keep us updated interms of the fix , wether it helped or not :slight_smile:

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About the Episode II, I just found out that the best part was…the dojo !
Throwing lightsaber and force change it all, compared to the Ep I.
Dont know what the Ep3 can add but for now, Dojo Ep2 is the best Jedi experience .


I played yesterday Episode I and revive has fixed the gamma levels with the latest revive version :heart_eyes:


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