V5 heavier than previous prototypes?

Why do i keep reading in reviews that the pimax 8k being tested at CES is much heavier than the Vive or other headsets?? wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?
Are all these reviewers talking out of their ass or did the headset actually get heavier than previous models?
What is the weight of V5?

There is another post about this.

Yes i know. We posted almost at the exact same time…

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With switching to say a different plastic. The new material likely has a higher density then the previous type of plastic. Would be one example if increase. Now with the new material they can reduce wall thickness & still have the same durability.

If your Familar with Back to the Future; The Dolorien car is made of Stainless Steel which is stronger & heavier than steel used in regular cars. So if you created a steel replica with the same mfgr specs it would be lighter & less durable.

But there could be other factors increasing weight. New optics may weigh more than v2 & v3 & other components that may not have been present in previous versions.

This is a guess based on what @deletedpimaxrep1 reported.

Its a different headstrap to what you used right Helio? Maybe it just feels heavier because they need to strap it tighter?

Its possible as the v2 headstrap was more or less i believe the 4k headstrap. But weight wise probably due to material of the shell & new internals (ie ipd adjustment & electronics)